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updated on 5.May 2001

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Web controlled shortwave receivers: You may listen to Amateur radio communication using the following remote receivers, all you need is a soundcard, speaker and RealAudioPlayer with your Browser. Hams could also use it to check quality of their transmission online!

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Band- Frequency 


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Shortwave 1-30Mhz Virginia, USA  Drake R8 - receive 30sec. online ! 
HF, 0,5 - 30 MHZ Salt Lake City , UTHA, USA ActiveX and JavaRadio
HF,VHF,UHF 1-2000Mhz Germany, Visual Radio  new receiver in Germany, Europe
HF,VHF,UHF  California JavaRadio
( sometimes offline )
remote controlled JavaRadio in California
HF,VHF,UHF  Perth, Australia WEBRADIO in Down under-  AUSTRALIA
HF,VHF,UHF  San Diego, CA. JavaRadio San Diego, California, USA
HF,VHF,UHF  MalmŲ Sweden JavaRadio

two receivers !!

JavaRadio in the far South of Sweden, Borrby
100khz to 1300Mhz  Illinois, USA  Live from Illinois- JAVARADIO
100khz to 1300Mhz  Romania new receiver in Romania, South- Europe
30Mhz - 1.3Ghz  VHF/SHF

registered users only?

UmeŚ, Sweden

requires password

Icom PCR-1000 wide band communications receiver
VLF 11khz - 30Mhz UmeŚ, Sweden  SRT CR-91 shortwave communications receiver
Shortwave 1-60Mhz New York, USA

two receivers !!

 receiver in New York - click here!
VHF/UHF 28-2000Mhz  Washington D.C. Washington DC and Maryland repeaters live!!
VHF 2m FM-Repeater 145Mhz Stuttgart, Germany

requires free WINAMP Player

Relais Stuttgart 145.750 FM
VHF repeater in NewYork Utica ,Michigan, USA  live scan VHF / UHF in Arizona
VLF , natural noise NASA , Alabama

  click for real time propagation on F-layer  

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