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The ACER "ScanWit 2720S"  I now have is a 2700 dpi x 2700 dpi x 36 bit OPTICAL resolution film (typically) negative; or slide (typically) positive scanner. This combined with Adobe Photoshop 6 is going to enable me to put  some of my better photographs (that were taken before all this digital stuff-and now reside mostly in a large box that barely fits in my hall closet.)

The photos in the Photo Albums below are the first-but will hardly be the last. Also below are some of the digital photos I have taken with my AGFA 1680 digital camera. The resolution of the hyperlinked photos is ~800 x 600, since that is the most common resolution of the folks accessing this website.


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Please let me know what you think of the photos!!!

Hearts-a-Bustin' @ My Back Yard in Marietta    

The two photos below were with my AGFA 1680 digital camera. they are from my backyard on the afternoon of 18 September, 2000. I have several nice-sized growths of a Georgia wildflower called: "Hearts-a-Bustin". They "bloom" like this once a year around late September, for a couple of weeks. They are every bit as vivid as shown here. The two pictures below were taken at 1680 x 1200 resolution. They are being displayed on this page as jpg's at 276 x 208 for faster Internet loading. If you click on them, you'll be getting 800 x 600..


 AGFA 1680 (digital) Photos by N4XY - SEP 2000

This is one of my friend Randy, K4ODL's attack cats!

Appropriately named: Miss Kitty

AGFA 1680 (digital) Photo by N4XY


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