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The Shack

No more room for any more radios
(well maybe one more !!!!!!!) (no no no no no)


Hand Held Collection

from left to right....thumbwheel, thumbwheel, thumbwheel, thumbwheel, thumbwheel, thumbwheel, etc etc etc

More Equipment



Marconi Tribute

General Radio Receivers (Mainly Novelty / Unusual)

update 29 09 2013

Another shelf fitted and filled

More clutter removed, more space to display gadgets

The last picture is the shack computer, running echolink, uiview , skype, and rtty/wefax decode,
with three sound cards (one for echolink, one for rtty/wefax and one for skype (cordless usb phone)
serial port (tnc uiview), bluetooth gps (usb) and wifi (usb).
Computer is an AMD Sempron 3500+, 2ghz processor, 2 gig ram, 160 gb hdd, dvd/rw, windows xp

The Shack is constantly evolving, virtually every day.





Older pictures, as the Shack evolves

The Bedroom Shack

UPDATED 12 11 14



Something fishy going on here !!!!!!!!!!

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