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Antenna Farm

Wouxun KG-UV950PL antenna suggestion
This radio covers 4, 6, 2 and 70
I cannot find a commercially available antenna
so a solution could be:

Comet cf503 Duplexer
one side is 1.3-90mhz - antenna Thunderpole AM Pro (covers 80, 40, 20, 17, 15, 12, 10, 6, 4)
one side is 125-470mhz - antenna any 2/70 mobile
Just a thought I had.........needs more investigation

Excalibur MK II 4m antenna update

As you can see, the pole had sheared and separated from the base of the antenna.
I did consider drilling another hole, but in the end, I just opted to slide it back over
and tighten the screw again, adding fresh self amalgamating tape.
Let's hope it holds !

Antenna Farm

M0CVO Magitenna
End Fed 7.2 metres long wire
LWHF-80 End Fed Multi Band Dipole (20mtrs Long)

Homebrew End Fed long wire

Using an ATU and 20 watts, 5/9 into Spain (EA7IZJ, Peter) on 17 Meters  (07/05/13, 19.20 GMT) 1,107 Miles

with thanks to http://www.freemaptools.com/how-far-is-it-between.htm
where you are http://www.mapability.com/ei8ic/maps/maps.php

Long wire continued

Temporary HF Antenna
Diamond CP 6

The New 4 M Dipole

GP98 2/70/23

Antenna Farm - Servicing (Thank you Keith)

New Antenna (Thanks to Keith) Diamond V2000 replaces SE1300

New 4 Metre antenna

Excalibur MKII

4.6 db gain

(I think its a 'cut down' silver rod)

my thanks to Dave and Mike



Now that is a mess..........

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