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D M R / Y S F

TYT MD 380  digital / analogue UHF handie & Yaesu FT-70DE

Digital Mobile Radio

new...md380 tools here (youtube video with links in description)
M3DAF recommends using the KG5RKI VER5 to do the firmware
and the PD1LOI for the DB
there is also text file in the dropbox link with setting suggestions.

MD380 Toolz website

Hold top two buttons on radio whilst turning radio on.
LED will flash red/green.... plug in the data lead.
run software
click firmware download (in my case NON-GPS) then click FLASH
turn radio off and then on
download user db then flash
when done turn radio on
to turn on the database menu......

Android phone with BLUEDV app allows connection to reflectors
on D-Star and DMR

DMR Settings

Blue dv bluetooth pin 1234

To edit setup, disconnect first.

Below are screen shots of the SETUP screen

To connect to a room, Manual Dial the number and press PTT briefly
the radio will announce when you are connected


dfu mode

ptt and button above, turn on red/green flash


1. press menu scroll to utilitis and confirm

2. scroll to MD380TooLz and press confirm.

3 scroll to Date format and confirm then scroll to Talker Alias and confirm.

4. scroll to show calls and confirm then scroll to TA & UserDB and confirm.

5. scroll to Mic Bargraph and confirm then scroll to vertical and LH Only and confirm.

6. scroll to Mic gain and confirm then scroll to 3db Gain and confirm.

7. scroll to Backlight and confirm scroll to Level Low and confirm then select 0 off and confirm.

8. scroll to Level High and confirm scroll to 3 and confirm then select red button back.

netmon enable on
Enable or Disable the Netmon hotkeys that open things like lastheard log and debug
information. The different Netmon screens and functions are tied to the number keys. This
does not remove the ability to use DTMF tones while transmitting.

CoPl Override
Contains options for different display formats for the text shown during the
radio boot screen.

9. scroll to Alt. Menu and confirm then scroll to Enable and confirm.

10. scroll to Alt. Text Color ad confirm then select Enable and confirm .....
This will change the colors of the radio screen ;-) if you like the original ones then just Disable this item and confirm.

11. now just hit the red button 3 times .

Thats it your radio is now setup with the new KG5RKI firmware.

On the main screen of the radio if you select the # key it will take you to further menus to change colors
 and lastheard talkgroups ect ect ect just hit the red button to come out

Enjoy M3DAF,,, Dale.

Yaesu System Fusion / C4FM

Here is a link to the Yaesu page, explaining how YSF works.

Repeaterbook WIKI page HERE

More soon.

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