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Corse & Staunton, Nr Gloucester, UK
Loc IO81UX - WAB SO72 - UKSMG #353

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I'm Darrell ('Daz' for short) and I live in the villages of Corse & Staunton, near to the city of Gloucester and the  town of Tewkesbury, in the county of Gloucestershire. My QTH is right on the boundary of three counties - Gloucestershire, Worcestereshire and Herefordshire, also close to the Malvern Hills. I occasionally go /P from these hills as they are only 15 mins drive from my house.

Click on the Google Locator Map to see roughly where I am.

I've been licensed since 1983 and started out on 2m. When the 6m band was released in to UK amateurs in 1987 I started to concentrate on this band, and have been there ever since. Now spend more time on HF but still go back to 6m and 2m in the summer.

I've been at the current QTH since Aug 2005 and it's a superb VHF site, clear take-off to the North through East and down to the South, with only a few trees to the West. The GB3VHF 2m beacon (120 miles / 200km away) is consistently S6 here on a 9 ele yagi 20ft AGL. It's not bad on HF either, nice and quiet as no immediate neighbours (unless you count sheep!).

HF - Current list of DXCC countries worked::

Band Overall 3.5MHz 7MHz 10MHz 14MHz 18MHz 21MHz 24MHz 28MHz
DXCC 321 229 272 278 304
292 286 280

VHF - I'm also a keen VHF op, current list of locator (grid) squares worked on VHF:

Band 50MHz 144MHz   50MHz 144MHz
DXCC 182 51
Locators 985

VHF setup at dusk - 6m 6 ele LFA and 2m 9 ele



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73 and hope to meet you on the air.

Page updated 27 Dec 2023