A bit about G0HVQ

I was first attracted to radio when CB radio was popular here in the UK, spent hours with friends and neighbours listening to far-off places. Got my first amateur call G1EOB in 1983 - back in those days, that limited you to 144MHz and up. I really wanted to get onto the 6m band, so got the full G0HVQ call in 1987, which gave me 50MHz and HF.....but 50MHz was released to all UK amateurs 1 month later! Still, it was useful to have the Morse for working DX.

I've always been interested in VHF. I've tended to concentrate on the 6m band, but have a recent renewed interest in 2m, since I moved to a good VHF QTH. I also like the 10m band at solar maximum and the 17m at solar minimum.

When I left school, I trained as an RF engineer as I enjoyed radio so much and thought I could combine business with pleasure, had 10 enjoyable years working in RF before the need for RF skills started to decline, so I re-trained in IT. Went back to college, came out with a First Class Honour Degree in Computing, did various support and IT engineering jobs, and now manage IT projects.

I'm a Chartered Engineer (C.Eng), as well as a member of the British Computer Society (BCS) and Association for Project Management (APM).

I'm currently 44 years old and married with a young daughter. Family takes up most of my time, but I like to keep in touch with amateur radio to keep my RF skills alive, and it's fun .... 27 years after getting licensed, I'm enjoying it more than ever.

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