Hope Cove, South Devon

I thought I'd put this page in for overseas hams who'd like to see some of the UK's fine coastline. Most visitors head for Cornwall, which has a lovely coastline, but is very popular with visitors, so in mid-summer we tend to go to the county next to it, Devon.

Hope Cove

In particular, we go to a district called the South Hams (very appropriate!), which is in the very south of Devon and overlooks the Devon and Cornish coast.

Hope Cove

We spend approx 3 weeks of the year in a small fishing village called Hope Cove, which is a beautiful place - ideal for young families, as it has a beach for the kids, a small shop, and importantly a pub for dad :-) It is also popular with divers, as there are anumber of shipwrecks out in the bay. We rent a house on the cliff top, from which these photos were taken, and you may hear G0HVQ/P from here as it is a very good radio site.

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Page updated 1 Aug 2006