G0HVQ 6m (& 8m) Propagation Notes


Jan: 12/01 SFI peaking again SFI=193. 18/1 brief opening to NA, KA1EME (FN31) & KD2CYU (FN20) copied. First month with no 6m DX worked for 16 months,
Feb: 12/02 SFI peaking again SFI=208. 25/2 TEP re-appearing on 8m around lunchtime, ZS3/V51PJ & ZS in, nothng on 6m yet. 27/2 lunchtime 6m TEP has returned, ZS6NK, ZS6NJ, ZR6K & ZS6OB in SFI=172.
Mar: 3/03 TZ4AM worked on SSB at dusk. 7/03 first TEP to South America this year, worked PP5BK (GG51) & PU5SIX (GG54) , copied lots of PY/CX/LU, furthest was LU7FIN (FF97). 8/03  PU2PGQ (GG66) & PY2RN (GG66) copied. 9/03 3B8FA (LG89) & 3B9FR (MH10) copied at lunchtime. PY3SOL (GG30), CX2ACB (GF25) & LU1WFU (FE64, 12,538km) worked after dusk & a new personal-best distance on TEP. 10/03 and again, worked LU2GPB (GG03), ZP5DBC (GG14), PY2SRB (GG48). 13/03 PU3MIP (GF49), LU6FOV (FF98), CE3SX (FF46), CE2SV (FF47) copied. 14/03 PU3MIP (GF49) & PP5AMP (GG52) copied. 16/03 V51JH & TZ4AM copied. 24/03 SFI=209 ZS6NJ & ZS6NK copied at lunchtime, flag in ZS6BUN. Large aurora on 2m & 6m following X-flare. 26/03 early-evening SA opening, worked PU3MIP (GF49), PP5AM (GG52), PP5AMP (GG52), CX2CC (GF15), CX7CO (GF15), LU8ADX (GF05) & LU8EX (GF05): 3 new grids.


Jan: A good start to the year, SFI went over 200 for the first time in a very long time on 13th Jan and on 16th SFI=234. 15/1 TR8CA (JJ40) worked, WM2XEJ also in on 40MHz.16/1 VKs into 9H/EA/CT/F as far north as IN95, TN8K (JI55) copied briefly. 18/1 PJ4MM (FK52) +6dB and WM2XEJ (EM83) +18dB on 40MHz. 21/01 Russian? FM comms 38.530 S5, ZS6OB, ZS6WAB & ZS4TX in on 40.680 FT8 up to +7dB. 23/01 VA2CY up to +21dB on 8m, SFI dropped belwo 200 for the first time in 10 days. 28/01 TEP returned to Eu, late opening 2200z: PY worked from S.UK & EU, DL worked ZL on long-path! Monthly average SFI = 182.6, a new high for the  Solar Cycle 25 and the highest since August 2002 during Cycle 23, nearly 20 years ago.
Feb: After a lull in SFI to the 130s, SFI rising again. 06/02 PJ4MM (FK52) and WM2XEJ (EM83) copied weakly on 40.680MHz.8/10 ZS6WAB/B 40.675MHz 559 CW. 10/2 SFI back above 200 SFI=215, ZS6WAB/B 579 just after 9am on 40.675. 14/2 SFI dropped below 200 again, South Africa in on 8m every day around 1200z but still nothing on 6m. 17/2 OD5KU & 4X1BG +25dB on 40.680, EI copied in VK. 18/2 ZS6NJ, ZS6WAB & TZ4AM copied on 6m lunchtime TEP, ZS6AYE (KG54) worked. 20/2 D4L in for an hour up tp +20dB. 21/2 Huge opening to USA, Caribbean, South America, Africa and Indian Ocean with many skewed paths. Copied WW1L, N6AR, WP4G, FG8OJ, J79WTA, 9Y4D, TT8SN. 3B9FR and 3C3CA worked by Gs.22/3 More lunchtime TEP, copied V51DM (JG78). 23/2 D44EO copied +16dB. 27/2 lunctime 6m TEP, ZS6NK (KG46) worked on FT4, ZS6NJ (KG33) copied on FT8, also 3C3CA copied for the 1st time. Later V51WW, V51MA & ZR6JT in.
Mar: 2/3 TZ1CE copied up to +26dB. 3/3 TZ1CE worked, 3X1A copied. 4/3 ZS6NK, ZS6AYE & ZR6K copied. 4/3 ZS6NJ (KG33), ZS6WN (KG46), ZS6OB (KG44) worked. 6/3 TR8CA, 3C3CA, ZR6K & TZ1CE all copied at lunchtime, TZ1CE in for over 5 hours until after sunset. 7/3 poorer day, just TZ1CE in, however huge TEP EA/CT->PY/LU later that extended to LP JA, nothing in G. 8/3 strong lunchtime ZS opening, ZS6NK, ZS6NJ, ZS6AYE, ZS6WN all copied, ZS6BUN (KG43) worked. LU3CQ (GF05) copied after sunset, 1st LU seen in 9 years. 10/3 XV1X (OK33) in for 30mins, first G-Asia F2 for 21 years! 11/3 3B8FA, TZ1CE & C5C all copied. 12/3 3B8FA, V51DM, V51JH, V51MA, 3C3CA all copied. 20/3 PSKr flag in ZS6WN. 23/3 D4K (HK76) worked, V51MA, ZS6WAB & ZS6WN copied. 26/03 TZ4AM & ZD7BG copied. 31/3 TEP to ZS lunchtime and 3C3CA worked later afternoon.
Apr: an incredibly poor month on 6m after the last 6 months, virtually no DX until late in the month. 23/4 a single CQ from 3B8FA (LG89). 24/4 3B8FA (LG89) and 3B8CW (LG89) worked, copied  CE2SV (FF47), CE3SX (FF46), XQ3SK (FF46), PY5EW (GG46) and V51JH (JG77). 25/4 afternoon opening to Africa ZS6OB, ZS6NK, ZS6NJ, 7Q7CT, V51JH, PY5CC, CE8EIO copied, flag in CE8EIO (FD46) 13,299km would be a new personal-best on 6m. Evening opening to South America, worked LU1FAM (FF97), LU7FIN (FF97), LU3CQ (GF05), LU5FF (FF99), LU9FVS (FF97) and CX6VM (GF27); D2UY (JI64) in briefly at sunset.27/4 3B8FA & 3B9FR in but was out of the shack, later LU1WFU.
May: 5/5 PY2XB (GG66) copied. 6/5 PY5CC (GG54), PP5BK (GG51), PP5GR (GG52), PY1MHZ (GG98), PY2ZS (GG66) PY1WS (GG87) copied. 7/5 copied ZS6NK (KG46), ZS6WN (KG46), ZD7BG (IH74), D2UY (JI64). 8/5 Worked 3B9FR (MH10), copied 3B8FA (LG89). 13/5 Worked PY2XB (GG66), PY1WS (GG87), PU2TXZ (GG57) and PY5EW (GG46). 19/5 3B9FR copied. 20/5 CE2SV (FF47) copied. 21/5 V51MA & V51WW copied. 22/5 PY8AQA (GG88) & PY2XB copied. 24/5 D2UY (JI64) and CE2SV (FF47) worked, ZS6WN, HC2FG, PJ4MM & 9Y4D copied. 26/5 Worked PY2XB (GG66), PY5CC (GG54), PY5EK (GG43), PY4AQA (GG88, copied ZS & V51.26/5 LU4FW (FF96), FG8OJ (FK96) copied. 27/5 CE3SX (FF46), XQ3MCC (FF46), CE3SOC (FF46) and CE3/CE0YHF copied, no TX due to SWR issues. CE2SV (FF47), CE3SX (FF46), ZP5DBC(GG14), ZP9HTL (GG24), PY2XB (GG66), PY5EK (GG43), PU4TNT (GH80), PU2MBY (GG47), PY2TIM (GG68), PY6BK (HH07), PU4JOE (GH91) copied, worked PY2VA (GG66), PY2ZS (GG66). 30/5 VK8AW (PH57) worked, VK8MS (PH57) copied.
June: most prop now Es so only recording non-Es prop. 8/6 9J2REK (KH44) worked.
July: after a long time with the SFI in the 170/180s, 11/7 SFI=214. "It's official: The average sunspot number in June 2023 hit a 21-year high. Solar Cycle 25 has shot past its predecessor, Solar Cycle 24". 18/7 TEP to South America, LU8GGM (GG02), ZP5RPO (GG14) and PU2MBY (GG47) worked. copied a load of PYs and some CEs. 19/7 more TEP, just LU8GGM (GG02) in.
Aug: 2/8 D2UY copied. 3/8 3B9FR copied. 6/8 FR4OO & FR4PJ worked. 14/8 3B9FR copied. 15/8 FR4OO copied. 19/8 V51WW copied. 22/8 CE3SX (FF46) and LU1FAM (FF97) worked, CE2EC (FG40), CE4MBH (FF44), D2U(JI64) and ZS6WN (KG46) copied.
Sept 3/9 SFI=136 however huge TEP opening 2 hours after sunset: CE3SOC (FF46) and LU7HN (FF88) worked, CE4MBH (FF44), LU1MQF (FF55), LU5FF (FF99), LU8GMM (GG02), PY4AQA (GG88), PU4JOE (GH91), PY2FRQ (GG58), PY5EW (GG46) copied. 20/9 V51WW & V51JH copied after sunset. 23/9 SFI=176 25/9 TZ4AM copied 1700z, then Caribbean opening at dusk, PJ4MM worked, 9Y4D & 6W/IV3FSG (IK14) copied; 2000z worked PU1MRV (GG87), PY2DS (GG66) and PY2XU (GG66). 27/9  V51JH (JG77) worked, V51WW (JH81) and 6W/IV3FSG (IK14) copied. 28/9  V51JH, ZS6NK, ZS6OB & 9J2REK copied after sunset. 29/9  PP5BK (GG51) worked,  PY3LX copied.
Oct 5/10 LU9AEA (GF05), LU9DO (GF05), LU1EG (GF05), L71D (GF05) and CX4AAJ (GF25) worked. 6/10 PY2XB (GG66) worked, only signal on the band. 10/10 6W/IV3FSG (IK14) worked, very strong. 12/10 XT2AW (IK92) and 6W/IV3FSG (IK14) copied. 16/10 First signs of east-west 6m F2: China & Hong Kong worked from eastern G around 0800z. Hawaii worked by CT & EA on 6m long-path. Nothing here so far, SFI=145. 17/10 V51JH & XT2AW copied. 18/10 ZS6NJ, ZS6NK & ZS6OB copied. 20/10 XT2AW (IK92) worked,  V51MA & ZS6NJ copied. 22/10  V51CO (JG87) &  ZS6NK worked, 3B8CW & FR4PJ copied. 23/10 VK6TM (OG65) copied, first VK6 seen for 21 years! SFI=119 Later TEP ZS4OIL (KG33), ZS6NJ & V51JH copied. 27/10 ZS6NJ, V51MA & V51JH copied mid-aftermoon, then a huge opening to SA after dark: worked LU8YD (FF51), LW2EDM (FF81), CE4MBH (FF44), LU7DK (FF91), CE6TF (FF31), LU8DRH (FF81) and LU4FW (FF96). 28/10 3B8FA incredibly strong +25dB on FT8, later weka opening to PY , PY2WC (GG66) & PU5SIX (GG54) copied. 29/10 early opening to VK4 0840z, VK4KEE (QH30) copied and he copied me, but no QSO. Later worked A25R expedition (KG36), very strong for a shock period. Dusk opening to V51WW. 31/10 3B8FA worked.
Nov 5/11 LU9AEA & LU9DO (both GF05) copied. 2/11 0800z F2 opening to western Australia, worked VK6NH (OG65), VK6ZLX (OG65), VK6JJJ (OF78), VK6CPU (OF78): SFI=159 VK6CPU my furthest-ever 6m QSO at 14,629km. 3/11 DU3LA (PK05) worked. 5/11 crazy day pre-aurora,  copied VK6DH (OF88), VK6JJJ (OF78), VK6NH (OG65), JE6BHT (PM51), JG3TOV (PM73), JH4IUO (PM64), VU2LBW (MK82), VU2CPL (MK83), VU2DCC (MK80), HP2AT (FJ09), XE1MEX (EK08) as well as numerous HK and HC stations. 6/11 only southerly paths open after the aurora, copied TR8CA & TJ9MD. 7/11 strong opening to ZS6, V51 & A2, PR7XB (HI22) worked at same time. 14/11 ZS6s & V51s in inc ZS6TWB/B 539. Huge swings in solra activity due to active and quiet side of the sun SFI=118 on 17th Nov then by 24th Nov back up to SFI=194. 26/11 small NA opening copied WW1L (FN54), K1SIX (FN43) & N1BUG (FN55). 27/11 more NA F2, worked W8GEX &WB8ART (both EM79), copied WW1L (FN54), K3SX (FM19), K1HTV (FM18), KD2CYU (FM20), K1SIX (FN43), K1TOL (FN44), K2ZD (FN21), VE3DS (FN03), VA3LX (FN14), K9SE (EN60), W9VHF (EN71), W7JW (EN82).
Dec 1/12 Huge Caribbean & Central America opening, Worked TG9AJR (EK44), VP9NO (FM72), HC2AO (FI07) and HC1MD/D (EI97). Copied many DX, the best ones being XE1H (DL80), XE1EE (DL90), XE1MEX (EK08), HP2NG (FJ09), CE3SX (FF46), V31DL (EK57), TI5KLH (EK70), HH2AA (FK38), V26OC (FK97), J35X (FK92), 9Y4D (FK90). 21/21 after another lull, next rotation of high solar activity SFI=195 no 6m prop yet. 24/12 VE1PZ (FN85), AC4TO (EM70) and W4TAA (EL87) worked. 27/12 FG8OJ (FK96) worked, VO1CH (GN37) copied.


After a fairly predictable start, the new solar cycle is accelerating! The start of 2022 was excellent with SFI above 100 much of the time, just in time for the Spring equinox. West Coast USA worked on 10m and Pacific Islands (Fiji etc) worked on 12m. SFI hit 160 in late April and 180 in May, by now the cycle was well out-performing forecasts. So either we are in for a much better cycle than the last one, or the peak will arrive earlier than thought. Southern latitutes have had some great 6m condx, EA8 worked VK on long-path, and the Spring TEP into Eu has been good, even making it up to the UK on a few occasions.
May: SFI=180, unbelievable so soon after solar minimum. 6m TEP has returned, first TEP to South America for 8 years. 14/05: FY5KD (GG54) and PY1MHZ (GG98) worked, also copied PP5BK (GG51) and PY2WOT (GG76). 15/05 ZD7MY and ZD7BF (both IH74, St Helena) worked. 20/5 UT1FG/MM (IH87) and ZD7JC (IH74) worked. 24/05 7Q7CT (KH66), C5C (IK14), PY2BL (GG67) and ZD7MY (IH74) all copied. 26/05 7Q7CT (KH66) worked. 27/5 worked PY2BL (GG67), PU2JOE (GH91), PY2XB (GG66), PY2CT (GG67) and PU4MHO (GG79).
Aug: SFI dropped right back to below 100 again, then doubled on 29th Aug to a new cycle high: 252 (false reading)!!
Sept SFI back up to 150, seasonal changes kicking in on HF e.g. VK9XX Christmas Island worked on 10m.
Oct SFI rising again, peaking 161, some 6m TEP maing it up to the UK. 14/10 VK6 & VK8 worked southern Eu on 6m. 16/10 ST2NH (KK65), V51WW (JH81) and ZD7BG (IH74) worked on 6m. 17/10 PY2XB (GG66) worked. 18/10 TY0RU (JJ16) and TT8SN (JK72) worked, 3B8FA missed.
Nov SFI in 140s. 4/11 5V7RU, EL2BG and TZ4AM copied on 6m, 5V7RU worked. WM2XEJ +17dB on 40MHz, 1st indicator of hi MUF east-west, SFI 125. 5/11 EL2BG (IJ46) worked, 5V7RU, TZ4AM and TT8SN all copied; later PV8DX (FJ92) and PV8ABH (GI58) copied. 7/11 D4L copied on 6m, WM2XEJ +26dB on 40MHz.15/11 ZS6WAB/B -1dB on 40MHz.
Dec: SFI=166 and high all month, F2/TEP to Africa has disappeared since mid-Nov. 16/12 F2 to USA! WW1L (FN54) and W4FZ (FM18) worked. Year ended with SFI=162.


After a good start to Cycle 25, solar flux fell back to the mid-70s in Jan & Feb. Started going back up again late summer, SFI reached 100 for several consecurive days in early September, followed by some solar storming and M and X flares in October pushing the SFI=112. VKs back in on 10m, many on FT8 with some strong signals, VK6RBP/B up to 539 on 28.200, VK8VF/B on 28.268 has also been another regular. The new solar cycle is really taking off now, 15m and 12m open a lot as autumn progressed, USA West Coast worked on 12m.. Further increases as Christmas approached, SFI peaking at 142 late December, with 10m really open and even some long-path to Japan (Okinawa) and China around mid-day, 10pm their local time well after sunset.


First signs on Cycle 25 taking off, a succession of new-cycle sunspots. It'll be interesting what effect FT8 has at the peak of the cycle: we previously thought that 10m and 12m were all-but-dead at solar minimum but those bands have kept open the last few years (not every day but many) via FT8, even worked VK from G. So FT8 might allow some great 6m F2 QSOs even with an average solar maximum: let's see.

Oct: the first month that the new solar cycle has really shown signs of taking off, SFI above 70 all month. 6m USA-Eu openings on 24/25 Oct! This caught a lot of people out, unsure if multi-hop Es or F2, SFI seems way too low for the latter. Geomagnetic storm in progress.
Nov: incredible start to the new solar cycle, SFI continued upwards towards 100, got there, and carried on to SFI=116 on 30th Nov. 10m and 12m regularly open East-West wiith lots of USA but only as far as the mid-west, few W6/7. Average SFI for Nov = 88.
Dec: SFI dropped back a bit, still in the 80s and 90s.


FT8 has revolutionised 6m DXing and made up for a poor solar cycle. Finally worked JA: 30 of them! And West Coast USA W6/7. And India. Those QSO were unimaginable via Es 5 years ago,  long-distance multi-hop Es openings are usually very short so having everyone on the same freq monitoring is making the difference. Even VKs have been worked from Eu. I think most 6m DXers would prefer working this via F2 with stronger signals to support CW and SSB, but this is better than nothing and it looks like we are in for a succession of average solar cycles.


Finally some good news. Despite the solar cycle rapidly heading for solar minimum (average monthly solar flux was in the 70s all year, with it dipping to 67 on days in Nov) the Es season was rather good, with the newer digital modes helping out with the longer multi-hop Es paths. I was beginning to wonder if I'd ever copy JA again in my lifetime, but thanks to JT65 I copied separate 4 x JA openings ( 6th June, 10th June, 11th June, 16th June). 4 JA stations copied me, although I didn't complete any QSOs: something to aim for in 2018. But I did work China (BA4SI) and also had 2 x DU openings (3rd July, 22nd July). I'd seen these Asia  openings reported on the cluster for many years but never copied one until 2017, previously only made it to central Asia (EX). The 1-min period of JT65 was often too long for rapidly-shifting 6m propagation, late in the season FT8 was released with a 15sec period but it was too late for the Es season - this should be interesting in 2018.


Solar cycle declining rapidly, TEP all gone, back to plain old Sporadic E. A few good ones still on multi-hop e.g. TY Benin. Sun spotless for over a week and SFI down to low 70s at times! 4th month in a row average SFI below 100 (92, 93, 93, 82). Solar max to solar min in 2 years.


Some 6m Es assisted TEP in the summer to South Africa, ZS4TX/6 really strong on CW. No South America this year. Solar cycle declining now. We hope that next cycle will be better, but predictions are not good.


Second peak of the current solar cycle higher than the first, not a massive increase but enough to open up the Spring southern path. SFI just about got over 200 for several short periods, best SFI=229 Jan14.

Apr - at long last, some F2 DX! 6V7SIX/B (IK15) and C5YK (IK13) heard on my Hustler HF vert (hadn't put the 6m yagi back up yet).
May - Es/TEP to LU, PY and ZP
Nov/Dec - F2 MUF nearly made it to 50MHz, but not quite: bits of K1TOL but not enough for a QSO. Sadly we never got ANY east-west F2 this cycle

2010 - 2013

I think it's fair to say that Solar Cycle 24 is a very poor cycle, solar flux has only got up to the 170s for a brief spell, and has mostly stayed around the 120s even at maximum. It's been 13 years since the first F2 appeared on 6m last cycle, and not a hint of F2 this cycle - it's looking very likely that we will get no 6m F2 this cycle, the numbers are just not high enough, even 10m is struggling to open.

Where does this leave us 6m DX'ers? Many of us 6m old-timers are bitterly disappointed as we took 6m F2 for granted at solar max. The prediction for the next cycle isn't good either, although you can never be sure (edit: they were wrong, next cycle was good, see above!). One plus point is that multi-hop Es is still producing new opportunities, and sometimes seems better than ever - last summer was very good into the USA inc West Coast, and Persian Gulf. But will we ever hear those rock-crushing signals from VK or DU evere again? As I listen to my MP3 recording from Feb 2002 of the VK6 beacon pounding away, remembering that last batch of VKs coming into the UK via F2 11 years ago, I do wonder.....
May - Es/TEP to LU, PY and ZP

2003 - 2010

Approaching solar minimum...so moved house, dismantled 6m station and started building station at new site ready for next solar maximum :-)


Jan Loads more DX heard/worked - 8P9HW, PJ2MI, YV4DDK, FP5BU, SU1SK, 6W4RK.
Feb - And more - VK4ABW (QH30), VK4CXQ, VK4JH, VK6JQ (PH12), VK6RSX/B (OG89), XW0X, DU1/GM4COK.


Feb Heard 5N9EAM/6
May PY5CC into UK every evening, others heard included PP5JD, PP5BC, CX4AAJ, LU1DMA, LU9APM, LU8MB.
Sept Solar flux consistently now above 270, looking good for autumn 2001.
Oct What a month! Oct 2001 deserves it's own entry:
26 Oct DU1EV (PK40), VK6RSX/B
27 Oct 9M2TO (OJ05), YB5QZ
28 Oct EK6AD (LN20)
30 Oct VU2ZAP, 9G5AN, 9M2TO, D44TC, UN5PR, J28FF, E30NA
31 Oct XW0X
Nov Great condx to Central America - FY5KE, PZ5RA, PY8MD, FG5BG, 9Z4BM, YV4DDK, FM1DQ, HC8N. Big aurora 23/11 followed by after-dark opening to Caribbean - WP4KJJ, K2KW/6Y5, P43JB, WP4N.
Dec FY5KE on Xmas Day - nice one :-) Then on Boxing Day D44TD, PZ5RA, PY8MD, FG5BG, 9Z4BM, YV4DDK, FM1DQ.


Jan-Apr Solar flux swinging between 240 and 170 but still no 6m DX.
May TEP+Es heard the following beacons: LU9EHF(50.015), ZP5AA (50.025), PY5ARL (50.029), LU4DRM (50.070) plus FR5DN (LG78) and ZD7VC (IH74).
Oct USA PMR heard on 46.363MHz. XU7ABF (OK21), 9M6BAA, FY/W7XU (GJ35) and PZ5RA all heard briefly.
Nov Strong video from Asia, JF1TA and UN3G (MN83) heard. Later in the month good 6m conditions to VE and W, plus the occasional 'goodie' e.g. HC2FG (FI07)


Feb Solar flux above 200 for the first time this cycle, just the odd 6m opening so far.
May Massive opening to S.America, heard/worked LU9AWN (GF05), LU8DIO (GF05), LU7DZ (GF05), LW3EBJ (GF05), CX1DDO (GF15), CU8AO (HM49).
Aug/Sept Solar flux swinging between 248 and 110, no DX.
Oct VKs into Eastern Europe on 6m, Russian FM (41.3MHz) heard but no amateurs on 6m.
Nov Lots of 48MHz video but no 6m activity.
Dec First openings this cycle to USA, W1JJM and VE1YX heard.


April Solar flux hitting the 130s, VKs back on 10m but nothing on 6m yet.
Sept Extended TEP is back, Z22JE worked.: first DX of the new solar cycle.
Oct More propagation on the southerly path, TZ6VV (IK63) and C56A (IK13) heard.

1994 - 1997

Solar minimum :-( Concentrated on RTTY on 15m and 6m Es in the summer.


SFI dropping from 180s down to 100, back on 6m but no F2 only Es propagation. 10m still reasonable.


Jan Ws and VEs worked.
Feb Solar flux up to 303!!! Stations heard/worked inc OD5SK, KP2A, HI8A, KG6UH/DU1, KJ6WO/DU3, VK6PA, VK8ZLX, JA4MBM,7Q7RM, 5V7JG, and W1/2/3/4.
April/May Good extended TEP into Africa and S.America inc. ZS6XJ, 7Q7XX, CX4HS worked, FR/DJ3OS heard.
June Got married and moved house: QRT on 6m for a while.


Mar KE0SC/DU3, KG6UH/DU1, KG6DX heard - huge signals, KG6DX S9+60 but unworkable with 25W. 6W1QC, ZS6WB and LU3EX worked.
Apr PY5CC, FM5WD, ZS4S, LU3EW worked.
May V51SW, A22BW, ZS6XK, LU7DZ worked via extended TEP.
June 7Q7JA worked via extended TEP.
Aug  ZS9A Walvis Bay (now deleted DXCC) worked via extended TEP.
Sept 7Q7RM Ron "the voice of Malawi" worked via extended TEP.
Oct TR8CA and ZS6AXT worked.
Nov PJ7/W6JKV, HC2GE/1 plus some Ws and VEs worked.
Dec P43FM worked..


Feb 9L1US Sierra Leone worked
Jul Z23JO Zimbabwe worked via extended TEP.
Nov/Dec A few Ws and VEs worked but nothing like 1989.


Feb Openings sign of F-layer propagation, JA and VS6 worked from G but nothing heard at G0HVQ.
Aug First TEP extending to G due to high sunspots: ZS3E Namibia worked.
Nov First experience of 6m F2 - wow, huge signals! ZC4MK, K1TOL, VE1YX, TR8CA, HC5K, HC2FG, PZ1AP, plus lots more W and VE worked (all East Coast).
Dec More extensive openings to VE and W, 6m opening every few days.


G0HVQ started on 6m. First DX QSO was OZ1DOQ crossband, with the OZ on 10m:: most Eu countries did not have a 6m allocation back then. First QSOs made outside Eu on multi-hop Es: W3WFM and WB2IFC.

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