G0HVQ 144MHz Meteor Scatter (MS)

Current setup

Icom IC7400 - Beko amp 400W (added in 2014)- Vargarda 9 ele long yagi (12dBd) - WSJT V9

With such a small 2m station, I thought that it would be impossible to make Meteor Scatter QSOs. But I have been active now since 2008 and have had many successful QSOs with around 70W.

Most of them have been in the major meteor showers (Quadrantids in Jan, Perseids in Aug, Geminids in Dec) but also some random MS contacts, especially in the summer mornings.

This has been made possible by K1JT's WSJT software, which is fantastic, and has opened up a whole new world.

In 2014 I added a Beko amplifier to my station, so can now run 400W which has improved my success rate with MS QSOs. But I look back at the last 6 years with fond memories of discovering that meteor scatter is possible with a small station.

G0HVQ 2m yagi
My best MS DX to date - US2YW/A in the Geminids 2010

G0HVQ 2m yagi
QSO with I3YXQ in Perseids 2010 near peak of the shower - burst nearly 30s long !

G0HVQ 2m yagi
Sometimes it can be hard work - this QSO with F6DRO was just a little later with much fewer pings

G0HVQ 2m yagi
MS activity in Europe on 12 Aug 2010, near Perseids peak

G0HVQ 2m yagi
9 element Vargarda yagi.

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