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It isn't an aurora - it is a simple sunset view out of my shack's window

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Haus1 qsl dl7cm
      My QTH, surrounded by pure natur                               My home-QSL, modest, touched but appropriate

About me


Old man "Hans", that am I, persues hamradio since 1956 (SWL DM-0966/D). First licence was given 1959: DM3YTD. After that, whitout that I liked to change the call by myself: DM3SUM (62-64), DM2BLD (64-65), DM2DGO (65-80), Y22WO (90-91), DL7UHR (91-95) and now, I hope finally, DL7CM.
That means  50 years in the air, with one exception. From 1980 till political turn 1990 I had to make a compulsory break. 1979 I had tried to organize a dxpedition to 3W. Therefore I lost my DM2-licence. During that time I started my computer activity.

I am member #61 of German DX Foundation. So also look for http://www.gdxf.de

For more picture look here        

My rig:
FTDX3000 + ACOM2000
Ant: 31 mtrs high GP for 160-40 mtr bands
Yagi XP707 means abt 4 elements for each band 30-10 mtrs
(10 & 30 mtrs  is reconstructed - look down)

Results: (up-to-date 12. Oct, 2020)
DXCC: 340 worked and confirmed
In RTTY: 336 wrkd / 336 cfmd
Bandpoints (160-6mtrs): 3180 wrkd
Top Band (160mtrs): 304 wrkd / 304 cfmd
Magic Band: 197 wrkd, 197 cfmd

Link to the german top list

Some  DXpeditions were made:

 April 1974 JT1KAA, operated by my ex DM2DGO.
 The effort 1979 for a 3W-dxpedition (Vietnam) brought me a pause of 10 years,  
 after the political turn than:

date call pic's remarcs
23.04.-28.04.1995 1P0U   start at day of declaration of independence (Principality of Seborga)
04.10.-07.10.1995 HB0/DL7UHR    
09.05.-19.05.1996 ZB2/DL7CM    
11.09.-15.09.1996 T00U    
16.09.-17.09.1996 HB0/DL7CM    
27.03.-02.04.2000 TA4/DL7CM    
17.02.-05.03.2001 C56/DL7CM  
29.09.-30.09.2001 HO1A   only in RTTY-contest together with DJ7AA and DK1BT (qsl only for that time)
21.09.-08.10.2001 HP1/DL7CM  
21.09.-08.10.2001 H7DX op's: DL2OE, DL3DXX, DL7CM
30.01.-15.02.2003 HH6/DL7CM  
28.01.-16.02.2004 4V200YH op's: DM2AYO, DK1BT, DL7UFN, DL7CM
06.05.-20.05.2005 A25/DL7CM  
23.11.-18.12.2005 5H1CM  
03.03.-23.03.2007 6W/DL7CM  
04.03.-21.03.2007 J5UAR  
14.01.-27.01.2008 5H1CM  
06.11.-25.11.2008 J3/DL7CM  


Outside of above called DXpeditions I have a 
  QSL - Management for: (means QSL "via DL7CM")

  21.10. - 29.10.2003  HP1/DL2OE
  25.10. - 26.10.2003  HP1LR      (in CQWWDX SSB op's: DL2OE, DJ7AA, HP1XX)

   If you (the DXpeditioner) are interested in a qsl-managment, pse write me.

I am not the manager, but I could help with cards from:


  DXpedition QSL - gallery 

                       Click here 
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About others


For my DXpeditions I send qsl's to everybody who ask me for. I also reply, when f.i. stamps inside (surely boy has no GS or IRC's) or several cards. I take bureau, email requests or direct - no problem. The meanpoint is to help anyone and not to make money.  I think that's hamspirit. I am a member of the QSL Managers Society - http://www.qsl.net/qslmanagers/index_files/Page379.htm

If you find statements elsewhere in the web, they are simple slanderous..

Let's behave like hams!

F.i. N7RO wrote me: "Many thanks for your QSL fund contribution to KL7RRC/p IOTA operation. It's much appreciated, but not expected". Thats simple hamspirit what I mean. There are COMMERCE-Manager and HAMSPIRIT-Manager.


LINKS, stories and other interesting things


look for pics of old QSL's, where pfx is not used for this country anymore 

list of QSL-print shops  

important links abt Berlin, computer, hamradio, dxpeditions 

what about Principallity of Seborga ? 

DL2OBO and Hotel Hellers Krug

SM7WT's new book:

SPID-Elektronik (rotors for hams) 

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By me
QSL-request:  Everyone, who in any reason, because I confirm 100%, didn't get a QSL for one of the upper called DXpeditions,
                                 can also request his QSL per email:  DL7CM at online dot de 


              Topical  Solar-Terrestrial Data

Who like to know more can try
    here: Space Weather Prediction Center
or here: Current Solar Data by N3KL
or here: DXrobot
or here: Solar and Heliospheric Observatory
or here: VOACAP
or here: What's up in Space  

             Extension of XP-Sommer-beam for 6 and 30 mtrs

             Extension of Fritzel GPA50 for 8 bands


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By others
I wish me some fairness in contact with one another. 

Who like to do more, of course can sponsore for dxpedition

or tell me the lotto numbers of next weekend.


                                         Vy 73 de Hans
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