Second DXpedition to Haiti 

After our first trip in Jan/Feb 2003 to the Ile a Vache in the south of Haiti 
now we try the north around Cap Haitien (thats normaly HH5 callsign area)

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This is a special prefix for Haiti because of 

celebration of 200 Years Haiti



We think that will be the last operation from Haiti for a while.
Political situation escalated rapidly.
10 km in front of border our crew was hijacked by bandits.
We lost all our money and a part of equipment... 
Other equipment was demaged.
We are glad to drop out living.

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Have no nonanswered qsl here... DL7CM


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About Haiti



Hamradio in Haiti

There are a couple of licences but activity is not very high.

Mostly you will hear HH2JR - Jean-Robert (presently as 4V200H)

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Caribbean area


Around Cap Haitien

The hotel Mont Joli in the north of Cap Haitien is our location

The operators:




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DXpedition Infos

Callsigns  4V200YH ( Four Victor two hundred Years of Haiti )
Date of operation  Jan. 28th - Feb. 15th, 2004
QTH   Hotel in Cap Haitien   Locator: FK39US     IOTA: NA-096
Operators  4 op's:  Hans - DL7CM,  Sid - DM2AYO,  Manfred - DK1BT,  Juergen -DL7UFN
Bands and modes  160 mtrs to 6 mtrs, CW, SSB, RTTY, PSK, SSTV / emphasis: lowband, RTTY, CW, 6 mtrs
Equipment  3 stns with 2 amp,    ant: for lowbands: GP (27mtrs);   for high bands: 3-el 5-band beam and HF9V,   4 el for 6mtrs
QSL  via  DL7CM 


QSL - Info:  DL7CM

Hans-Rainer Uebel
Hartmannsdorfer Chaussee 3
15528 Spreenhagen

Our route:
- big jump by airplane to DR
- by car to Haiti / Cap Haitien

Our costs:
- flights US$ 3.600
- other transportations US$ 600
- accomodation US$ 1.800

- hijacking (on way back) abt US$  5.000


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4V200YH - Logsearch and statistic

Your callsign:



QSO's 4V200YH: 

  160 80 40 30 20 17 15 12 10 6 all
CW 464 1683 2694 2084 1089 1678 1562 1041 443 0 12738
SSB 0 407 28 0 327 548 47 476 158 0 1991
REST 106 293 2 566 0 709 0 85 0 1761
  464 2196 3015 2086 1982 2226 2318 1517 686 0 16490

Condx were very bad. Signals were very poor except 2 days. I never called so much CQ as a Dxpedition: 15mtrs 23:00Z for Ja => nothing. 

SSB on 160 => nothing. RTTY on WARC => nothing. Openings only on 1 band => rare possibility to work with 3 stations parallely. 

No 6mtrs at all

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Special thanks for help:
HH2JR (Jean-Robert)

- N6RT (Doug)



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