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Panama borders Colombia, Costa Rica, the Caribbean and the Pacific Ocean. The two oceans are linked by the man-made Panama Canal, cut into a gap between the Cordillera de Talamanca and the San Blas mountain range and stretching for over 65km (40 miles). 
Contadora-Island, one of the 101 islands in the Pearl-Archipel in the Gulf of Panama (Pacific side) is located about 35 miles off shore of Panama City. Surface 1 sq.mile.



Currency: $ US

Credit cards:
MasterCard, Visa, American Express and Diners Club are accepted on a limited basis. Check with your credit card company for details of merchant acceptability and other services which may be available. Travellers cheques: Accepted in a number of places.


Panama City, the capital, is a curious blend of old Spain, modern America and the bazaar atmosphere of the East. In the old part of the city with its narrow, cobblestoned streets, most of the interesting sights are to be found. These include the Plaza de Francia and the President's Palace, the most impressive building in the city. The Panama Canal to the west of the city itself naturally attracts many visitors. Col´┐Żn is the second-biggest city. Visitors should see the cathedral and the statues on the promenade known as the Paseo Centenario.


Panama has a tropical climate, alternating between two seasons: rainy and dry (winter and summer). This is the result of its geographic location between 9 and 7 degrees latitude north and the humidity from both the Atlantic and Pacific oceans which give it a fairly stable season.

The rainy season lasts from May to November. The dry season occurs from December through April. Rainfall at Pacific side is double of eastcoast..


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Contadora Island

DL7CM building up LP5-antenna shack

DXpedition Infos

Callsigns    HP1/DL7CM.  

In CQWW-RTTY-Contest we used HO1A. HO1A was also used outside of contest by DJ7AA (qsl via DL6MYL)

Date of operation  Sep. 19th - Oct. 7th, 2001
QTH   Contadora Isl. NA072 Loc FJ08,  QTH of HP1XVH
Operator  Hans - DL7CM
Bands and modes  80 mtrs to 6 mtrs, cw, ssb, rtty, except 30 mtrs - no ant
Equipment  TS870 and TS2000 , Alpha, 2el for 80, 4el for 40, Titanex LP5, Force
QSL  via homecall DL7CM
QSL-address of DL7CM
Hans-Rainer Uebel
Hartmannsdorfer Chaussee 3
15528 Spreenhagen

 Look, if you have worked me under C56/DL7CM, TA4/DL7CM, ZB2/DL7CM....
 for same envelope.

   By the way I am also a collector of US-stamps.


A smakker for enough value      A letter outside of Europe costs 1,53 Euro. That means 2 green stamps!! Thank you.




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