DXpedition to Botswana 



April 6th - April 20th 2005  

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About Botswana



Hamradio in Botswana

There are only a couple of licences and activity is very low.

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Africa - Botswana

Botswana-Maun area


Rileys Hotel 

The operators:



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DXpedition Infos

Callsigns  A25/DL7CM  and  A25/DM2AYO   (for guests only reciprocal callsigns)
Date of operation  Apr. 06th - Apr. 20th, 2005
QTH   Hotel in Maun   Locator:  KH10RA
Operators  2 op's:  Hans - DL7CM,  Sid - DM2AYO,  
Bands and modes  160 mtrs to 6 mtrs, CW, SSB, RTTY, PSK,  / focus: lowband, RTTY
Equipment  2 stns with 2 amp,    ant: for lowbands: GP (27mtrs);   for high bands: 2-el 5-band beam and GP,   4 el for 6mtrs
Sun  Sun rise: 06:34 CAT      Sun set: 18:23 CAT    CAT (local time) = GMT + 2h
QSL  via  home calls


QSL - Info:  DL7CM
Hans-Rainer Uebel
Hartmannsdorfer Chaussee 3
15528 Spreenhagen
QSL - Info: DM2AYO
Siegfried Blechschmidt
Brassenpfad 66
12557 Berlin


Any Donations welcome

Each greenstamp / eustamp will help


1.  I answer all QSL's on same way I get in.

2.  I prefer direct, but a smakker for enough value      A letter outside of Europe costs 1,70 Euro. That means  2  green stamps!!              Thank you.

      Do not use stamped envelopes (SASE) or IBRS. Pse only SAE. ( f.i. 1 IRC plus 1 green stamp will help to cover a little part of the costs) 

3.  ... and don't forget to search your log for my home callsign too.

4.  I don't need 15 qsl's for 15 qso's. Use a simple printed paper for all and save your qsl's.

 Thank you

 Logsearch and statistic

Your callsign:


Your callsign:



QSO's : 

  160 80 40 30 20 17 15 12 10 all
CW 8 290 425 1091 1 1246 1395 841 304 5601
SSB 0 0 0 0 548 384 288 416 280 1916
RTTY 0 0 6 249 177 539 225 99 1295
PSK 0 0 1 3 38 1 526 0 0 569
all 8 290 426 1100 836 1808 2748 1482 683 9381

Why did you hear us in a low signal strength sometimes?

1. We are in a minimum of sunspots

2. We caught extremly bad propagation during our time

3. It's real DX with more than 8000 km distance for NA, EU and AS. There is nobody in front of the door, not like dxpeditions to Caribik (with USA) or North Africa (with EU). 5Z4DZ and 9G5 are on the half way. We heard them working EU, but didn't hear this EU by ourself

4. The way to EU goes only via land (bad reflexion). There is not any spreankle of salt water like with an island operation

5. Openings to the north for about one hour each band one after another, so that it was rather impossible to work with 2 stations at the same time or the sec. stn was extremly light with you (there in the north, not in the south, but who is there)

6. Both PA's were broken. We found the mistake and could repair one with the result of a frequency depended power output: max 500w on 17mtrs, but on the top (160/10) bands 100w only.

It would be great if anyone can help me with some MOSFET's typ MRF150. Please contact me.


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We need you really. It has been an expensive dxpedition:
- far distance
- A2 is an artificial expensive made country for tourists
- defect equipment
Special thanks for help:
 - DL2OE (Mike) 

 - N6RT (Doug)

- K2WR (Rich)

... any of this blancs 

     could be yours

 They helped us anyway:   click to go there ...

... and of course thanks to everybody he did work us...