previous prefixes  which are not used anymore  or deleted or not regogniced

Swaziland nw 3DA0

North Yemen nw 7O, 4W is nw Timor-Leste

Okino Torishima, deleted

Neutral zone, deleted

Iran, nw EP

Sikkim, deleted
Turkish Rep.of Northern Zypern, not recognized

Portuguese Guinea, nw J5

Portugues West Africa, nw D4

Sao Thome, nw S9

Angola, nw D2

Mozambique, nw C9

Portuguese Timor, deleted

Macao, nw XX9

German Democratic Republic, nw DL7CM

Spanish Sahara, nw Rep.Arabe Saharaui S0

Eritrea, nw E3

Abu Ail, deleted

Crozet Isl, nw FT5W

Kerguelen, nw FT5X

French Antarctica, nw FT5Y

Amsterdam Isl., nw FT5Z

Korsica, nw TK

French Afar Issa Terr., nw Djibouti J2

Guernsey, nw GU

Homeland Bobhuthatswana, not recognized

Serrana Bank, deleted

South Korea, nw HM & P5 North Korea

Marcus Isl, nw JD1Y

American Phoenix, nw KH1

Navassa Isl, nw KP1

 nw T8

Yap Isl, nw. Micronesia V6

Canal zone, nw HP

Johnston Isl., nw KH3

Midway Isl, nw KH4

nw KP5

nw KH5K

Okinawa, nw JA6

American Samoa, nw KH8

Virgin Isl, nw KP2

Wake Isl, nw KH9

Kwajalein Atoll, nw Rep.of Marshall Islands V7

San Marino, nw T7

Masirah Isl, nw A6 (U.A.E.) 

Trucial Oman, nw A4

Bahrain, nw A9

Qatar, nw A7

East Pakistan, deleted

Andorra, nw C3

Homeland Transkei, not recognized

Principality of Seborga, not recognized

Armenia, nw EK

Karelia, deleted

Azerbaijan, nw 4J - 4K

Uzbekistan, nw UJ - UM

Kazakh, nw UN - UQ

South Sudan, deleted

nw Papua-New Guinea P2

Belize, nw V3

Domonica, nw J7

Grenada, nw J3

Nevis, nw V4

St. Lucia, nw J6

St. Vincent, nw J8

Bahamas, nw C6

Aldabra, deleted

Desroches, deleted

Seychelles, nw S7

Gilbert, nw T30 Kiribati

Britisch Phoenix, nw T31 (look   KB6CU)

nw Tuvalu T2

Fanning Isl, nw T32

Washington Isl, nw T32

Christmas Isl, nw T32

Solomon Isl, nw H4

Pitcairn, nw VP6

Tuvalu, nw YJ

Brunei, nw V8

Hong Kong, nw VR2

Angola, nw D2

Penguin Isl, deleted

Walvis Bay, nw V5

Palestine, nw E4

The Gambia, nw C5

Rhodesia, nw Zimbawbe Z2

South West Africa, nw Namibia V5
prominent personality    

unforgettable Pater Moran 9N1MM

H.N. Pradhan

King Husseins family

Thor Heyerdahl on Tigris
abnorm QSL's