Where is that small country?


          ... and what temp there are?




Senegambia Beach Hotel (look down for more info) is the most visited hotel by hams


It seems, we were expected...

  Here you did not find us...

... then we worked at the gear.


Operators:  DL7CM ( dl7cm at online.de ) and DL2OE ( dl2oe at t-online.de )

band        qso's
160   171
80   739
40   1904
30   851
20   2751
17   891
15   1669
12   1562
10   2833
6   1321
rtty   1700
total   16392




in cw 70%, ssb 20%, rtty 10%






Equipment:  IC746 and IC706, HL1k (broke dwn at 2nd day)
Kelemen 160/80/40, GP, 5 el Yagi for 6 mtrs

QSL via homecall - bureau or direct to

Hans-Rainer Uebel
Hartmannsdorfer Chaussee 3
15528 Spreenhagen
Michael Lüdemann
Beerfelder Str. 14
15517 Fürstenwalde

   A smakker for enough remail value. Thank you.  

Here you find some pictures abt dxpedition:

getting licence

building up antennas

C56/DL7CM Hans

C56/DL2OE Mike

nothing to do?

antenna farm

our neighbour Ron C56RF (G3NKO)

where we go next?

If you like to go there so that should help you:

- The first way is to GAMTEL in the Telegraph Road (in opposite of the hospital - it is not the main house of GAMTEL) in Banjul. There you find Mr. Sita Ceesay (email: [email protected] or Tel: +(220)229296). He is the manager of  Technical Audit Branch. Mr Ceesay will issue a licence if you pass him  a copy of your licence, a copy of passport and 2 photographs. But before the fee (abt 50 Dalasis = $5 USD) have to be paid in the mainhouse of GAMTEL.

- One of the hotel electrician is Mr.Sheikh Tijan Gaye who can arrange something you need. Ask for a guy called "Electric"to climb the palm trees to fix the wire antennas.

In left corner of picture you find directions for beam.

Block A, B, C, D, E looking to the north seems to be the                best. In front of  A,B there are 3 palm trees as one point for wire antennas.


        Telephon: 00220-462717  Fax: 00220-461839

         address: Senegambia Beach Hotel

         Box 2373  Serrekunda   The Gambia

         email:  [email protected]



Last but not least our logsearch:  

qsl made by IK1PML in only 16 days

C56/DL7CM  (some rtty got lost by transfer to search file)


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