Amateur Radio
AUTO7P v1.31 FBB server compatible with 7plus 2.02 (1.63)
TFPCX - The Firmware PC Extended Version 2.71
Tstdos -  PG from TSTHOST v1.41 or later that emulate DOS
TstHost version 1.43B
TSTHSEL Message Selector For TSTHOST PMS
F6FBB v5.15b Packet Radio BBS & Server Software
FM Radio transmission
Build a Yagi-UDA antenna
Many packet radio modem types
Introduction to the packet radio
FBB forward protocol
9600 baud packet handbook
Linux AX25-HOWTO for Amateur Radio
Linux and the AX.25 and NetRom Packet Radio Protocols
Linux packet radio programs
TCP/IP on FlexNet
PSK31 Fundamentals
PSK31 Bandwidth
PC/FlexNet drivers and applications by Thomas Sailer, HB9JNX
PC/FlexNet with BayCom Modems
PC/FlexNet: Windows95 Add On
PC/Flexnet Overview by Thomas Sailer, HB9JNX
Packet radio with a soundcard
Souncard interfacing for RTTY, PSK31 and SSTV
An Overview of Modern Digital HF Radio Operating Modes
  Loss of coaxial cables
Antenna Cable Loss and SWR by LZ1LEN, Peter
Actual Antenna SWR by LZ1LEN, Peter
  The AX25 protocol
  The TNC
  Calculating coils for HF by SM0VPO
  Radio Calculations by Harry Lythall
The TCP/IP protocol
What is packet radio?
How to read capacitor codes?
How to read resistor codes?
Transistor marking codes
How to use disk drive stepper-motors
  Soldering irons
  Digital Radio Modulation
  Bootstrapping a Phase Locked Loop for Better Performance
  Cockcroft-Walton voltage multipliers
  Basic circuit analysis
  SMD Codes
  Air Coil calculation
  Ceramic filter and resonators
  Quadrature FM detectors
  IF CANs (transformers)
  Slug Tuned Inductors
  More test about Slug Tuned Inductors
  Toroid calculation
HAM exam
Amateur Novice Class question pool
Amateur General Class question pool
Amateur Advanced Class question pool
Amateur Extra Class question pool
Amateur Technician Class question pool
TV and Cable Audio Frequencies
How Eprom works?
PC Hardwer elements
Info on the 16550a UART
What is high memory, why do I care, and how can  I use it?
A simple program to check what kind of CDROM we have
How to make COM3/4 work on the computer
Master Boot Record
Partition Tables
DOS Floppy Disk Boot Sector
The Serial Port
The pinouts of Various Video Interface
LAPLINK III Transfer Cables
Super VGA Chip Sets
Interfacing the IBM PC Parallel Printer Port
Hardware Book. Your electronic reference guide.
Interfacing the Standard Parallel Port
Interfacing the Extended Capabilities Parallel Port (ECP)
Interfacing the Enhanced Parallel Port
Extended Capabilities Port: Specifications
Cable guide graphical program
82C55A CMOS Programmable Peripheral Interface
Standard ECMA-119
ATA-3 Physical Interface (ATA3-PH)
Information Technology - AT Attachment Interface with Extensions (ATA-2)
Information Technology - AT Attachment-3 Interface (ATA-3)
ATA Packet Interface for CD-ROMs V2.6
ATA Packet Interface for CD-ROMs V1.2 - .ps format
ATA Packet Interface for CD-ROMs V2.5 - .ps format
ATAPI driver in C
ATA interface with 8255
Interfacing the standard parallel port
PC Software
MicroSoft's Undocumented Features

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