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      Hello and Welcome!

     For those who have stumbled onto these pages by accident here is an explanation.
     My name is Csaba Gajdos, I'm born on 1974 july 29. I'm an electrotechnician, and I like to spend my free time with computers and with radio amateur technique. I'm a licensed radio amateur since 1990 , and my callsign is YO5OFH with CEPT Class I. That is an amateur radio call sign and these pages are almost entirely to do with amateur radio. 
     I'm married since 13years, my Wife is Csilla Gajdos, she is secretary and computer programator. 
     We live in Transylvania, in the north-west part of Romania, in a little city - Satu Mare - with cca. 130.000 inhabitants. This town is located from 10 km near the Hungarian border. Our nationality is hungarian, our names are also original hungarian names.




     Here is the radio amateur equipment I am using:
Transceiver HF: Home made designed by YO5AT, Joska
Transceiver UHF: Home made designed by YO5AT, Joska
Linear Amplifier: Home Made (50W)
HF antenna: W3DZZ Home made
UHF antenna: Trio Star - home made, 5/8 lambda
Computer: PC Pentium K6 350MHz, 20 Gbyte HD,  with multimedia components
Packet Radio modem: Home made with TAPR TNC2



     I like to write with friends all over the world, and get to know about other countries. 
	Is there anything that you would like to find on these pages? 
	Just let me know! Suggestions are very welcome! 
	Please send me an E-mail by clicking here! 
	We are not strangers, just friends who have never met. 
	Well, that's about it folks! 
	I hope these pages where of help to you. 
	As They say in the amateur radio world: 

from Csaba, YO5OFH





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Š 2001 - YO5OFH, Csaba Gajdos