HAM Radio softwares used from me


Graphic Packet V.1.61 

Graphic Packet is a packet radio terminal software writed by DH1DAE.Is a very popular software. Use a Baycom serial modem, sound card, USCC, etc.
Minimum system requirement: DOS, VGA, 640kb memory, 3Mb free space.
gp161b.zip - 784 Kb    



  Graphic Packet V.1.63 Update

2000 year compatible update for Graphic Packet by DH1DAE.
gp163.zip - 145 Kb


GPRI programs for Graphic Packet

GPPIC - Transmit a picture with Graphic Packet - 130 Kb 
GPBOX - PMS for Graphic Packet - 180 Kb 
GPDOS - DOSSHELL and many more for Graphic Packet - 8 Kb 
GPNODE - NODE system with Graphic Packet - 22 Kb 
GPSERV - 7PLUS SERVER for Graphic Packet - 64 Kb 


TstHost V.1.43b for DOS

TstHost  is a packet radio terminal software writed by IK1GKJ, Mario.
       tst143b.zip - 151 Kb

by Roger Barker (G4IDE)

Winpack is an amateur packet radio program that is very well liked and used all around the world. It was the first to develop and utilise many of the techniques taken for granted in modern day amateur packet radio software, and was the forerunner in many ground breaking innovations which we now see in everyday packet radio use .

You can download the Winpack packet radio program
from the main WINPACK download page by G4IDE (Roger Barker)

Add-On Winpack Utilities:


WINPCAPT V2.01. WINPCAPT is a simple file reader for captured Winpack files. It reads text files that have been captured from other stations and archived in the WINPACK\CAPTURE directory. This is very handy if you use scripts to download mail from a BBS or station other than your Winpack designated BBS.


WINP7 is a 7+ file handling program. It allows you to clean up all those 7+ parts and files that are in the various Winpack 7+ directories.


This is WINPFILT. It will only work when Winpack is using a hostmode such as BPQ or AGW. It allows you to filter out text that has a specific content. So, if you enter "PORT= 1" it will only show you packet text lines that contain "PORT = 1". By doing this you can filter out text from a single port if you are running a multiport system. You can, of course, watch for other text like "G0OPC". More than one copy of WINPFILT can be run at any one time.


A 12 button extra floating button bar for Winpack. Inside BUTT104.ZIP you will also find BIGBUTT.ZIP. This is BUTTONS V2.01 a 24 button replacement .EXE file. Please read the information text to find out how to install this bar.


WINPLOG is a log file manipulation program for Winpack AUTOLOG files. If you have Winpack set to produce the AUTOLOG text this program can read it and manipulate it for you.


WINPMESS cannot be used with versions of Winpack older than V6.42. Winpmess allows you to write messages that are going to be sent via Winpack script files. Winpack allows the use of function keys to run script files. These can be set to pass messages to other stations and can be set to run automatically in the AUTOTIME.TXT. Winpmess makes writing these messages easy. Winpmess also has a script wizard to help write the script files for use in Winpack.


This is WINPMAIL V2.04. Winpmail allows you to sort out archived mail in Winpack. Winpack archives receive mail in directories called by the call sign of the sender. Many people do not realise this and wonder why their hard disc space has vanished. You can inspect and delete these messages. It also allows you to look at downloaded bulletins and filter by topic or read by topic. V2.04 is drag sizeable.



Other, different HAM radio softwares


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