Pin identification
Characteristics for many 74X logic families
4000 series CMOS IC's: 4000...4049
4000 series CMOS IC's: 4050...4099
4000 series CMOS IC's: 4300...4599
4000 series CMOS IC's: 40100...40999
7400 series TTL IC's: 7400...7449
7400 series TTL IC's: 7450...7499
7400 series TTL IC's: 74100...74149
7400 series TTL IC's: 74150...74199
7400 series TTL IC's: 74200...74299
7400 series TTL IC's: 74300...74399
7400 series TTL IC's: 74400...74499
7400 series TTL IC's: 74500...74599
7400 series TTL IC's: 74600...74699
7400 series TTL IC's: 74700...74799
7400 series TTL IC's: 74800...74899
7400 series TTL IC's: 74900...74999
7400 series TTL IC's: 741000...743999
7400 series TTL IC's: 744000...744999
7411 series fast TTL IC's with center power: 7411xxx
7416 series wide TTL IC's: 7416xxx
742 series TTL IC's with integrated 25R resistors: 742xxx 7425xxx
7429 series wide (8..10 bit) TTL IC's: 7429xxx
7400 series fast TTL IC's with center power: 7418xx 7454xx
A/D and D/A converters
ADC0809CCN - 8 bit, 8 channel A/D converter
Analog IC's
Central Processing Units and Microcontrollers
Drivers and level shifters.
Memory: EEPROM and Flash EEPROM
Memory: FIFO's
Memory: PROM and EPROM
Memory: SRAM and DRAM
Memory: Serial RAM, EEPROM and clocks
Operational amplifiers.
Power IC's
Microprocessor support IC's.
Zilog Z80 8-Bit Microprocessor
Russian integrated circuits
Motorola's Phase-Locked Loop family
Coaxial Cables Attenuation and Power Rating Chart
General Purpose Transistors
General Purpose Silicon Power Transistors
Low-Noise Transistors
RF Power Transistors
Power FET's
Small Signal FET's
Semiconductor Diodes
Voltage-Variable Capacitance Diodes
TDA7000 for narrowband FM reception data sheet
TDA7000 FM radio circuit data sheet 2
TDA7010 FM radio circuit data sheet
TDA7021T FM radio circuit for MTS data sheets
TDA7088T FM receiver circuit for battery supply
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Sine Wave Generator
(115 Kbyte)

Digital Scope
(149 Kbyte)



Frequency Counter
(101 Kbyte)

Frequency analyzer
(64 Kbyte)


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