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Free Web Set for your Pond Pages

My wife has been wanting a pond for quite some time now, so this year we finally got around to starting the project.  I'm no pond expert, but I definitely learned a lot about what to do and what not to do while working on this project.  I'll share some of those things with you as we tour the project.  I hope you find this page interesting and fun.

Unfortunately all the construction photo's are on video tape, so I don't have them to put on this page, but you'll get the idea.  The finished photo's are here though.

Step 1:  Decide how big to make the pond..........100 gallons, 500 gallons, oh well, lets be a little Tim Allen'ish about it and go at least 1000 gallons.  (my fault, all my wife wanted was 100 gallons or so in a preformed plastic pond, sure would have easier now that I think about it)

Step 2:  Assuming you didn't listen to your wife as I didn't, dig a very large hole.  Oh heck, why not two holes!  To really appreciate this you must DO IT BY HAND! (she wouldn't let me rent a backhoe either...).

Step 3:  Don't use a level while digging your pond because eyeballing is more fun and besides then you wouldn't get to do it all over again when you find out your eyeballs are crooked!

Step 4:  Don't accurately measure your pond because then you would only have to make one trip to Home Depot (or store of your choice) for pond liner.  It's much more fun to have to make 3..well er' I guess it was 5 or so...trips to the store because you under estimated or added something you didn't plan for.

Step 5:  Convince the guys at the store that their 1500 lb. capacity rental truck can handle 3000 lbs. so you don't have to make two trips hauling the patio and retaining wall blocks..only to have to remove half the load and make two trips anyways.

Step 5 1/2:  Fill the pond....

Step 6:  Haul rocks....lots of rocks!  We filled two 3/4 ton pickups with stones for landscaping.  On the second trip we filled them with larger boulders and mulch.

Step 7:  Enlist all your kids, the kids friends, and the fiancé's to help lay stone and patio blocks...(trust me you'll need it).  They did it all for food, guess I got the best end of that deal!

Once you have that completed, you can can start adding plants and fish.  They recommend you wait at least two weeks to add fish but don't listen, it's more fun to spend money and scoop em' out the next day a little less than full of life.  We have four painted turtles that we hatched from eggs in 1999 that we added to the new pond, and they ate their share too.  The turtles seem to prefer to eat the heads off the minnows and leave the rest. ( I guess they thought they could destroy more that way.)  So far, at least most of the Goldfish have survived.

OK, so here we go with some photo's:

waterfall.gif (91526 bytes)  It all starts with a small waterfall...  waterfall1.gif (138658 bytes)

stream.gif (279987 bytes)  Then you need a stream going down to the pond...stream1.gif (120470 bytes)

upperpond.gif (112183 bytes)  The stream runs into the first pond....upperpond2.gif (107933 bytes)

lowerpond.gif (92740 bytes)  Which flows into the lower pond...finishtouches.gif (151955 bytes) with an Angel to guard the fish (well it was worth a shot anyways.

And when all the work is done you have this:

bothponds.gif (165432 bytes)

It's a lot of fun and so relaxing to sit near the pond with all the mosquitoes buzzing around (there big this year too!).  I guess we'll have to add a bat house to help keep the "skeeters'" under control.  More on that later when it's built.

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