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It's Springtime!  Time to go back to work!

We decided to make some much needed changes to the look of the pond.  Time to replace the patio block with natural looking sand stone.  Oh, my aching back.

pondspr-1.jpg (27745 bytes)  We bought 1 ton of stone and only got the top pond done  pondspr-2.jpg (27786 bytes)

So, we bought another 1.5 tons of sand stone to finish the rest and get everything mulched and ready for summer.

pondspr-3.jpg (29898 bytes)  pondspr-4.jpg (34654 bytes)  pondspr-5.jpg (29090 bytes)

  We also decided to raise and increase the flow of the water fall while we were at it.

pondspr-6.jpg (30770 bytes)

Someone remind me that all this work is supposed to be relaxing and fun!

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