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Our pond after 4 weeks in existence.

If you build it they will come...  frog.gif (92312 bytes) our first Amphibian renter!

There's gold in them there ponds!  fish.jpg (11579 bytes)

upond.jpg (25093 bytes)  Some close ups..  lpond.jpg (14901 bytes)

Our pond after two months in existence.

waterlily.gif (85003 bytes)  our first Waterlily!

pickerlflower.gif (70819 bytes)  A flower on the Pickerel Weed.

streamlater.gif (93898 bytes)  The stream with watercress now established in it.

Overview of the pond with lots of green now! theponds.gif (107904 bytes)

turtle.gif (93552 bytes)  The turtles love the new pond and are growing fast!

We've learned a lot about controlling Algae the last couple of months and finally have it under control with use of a dye that you add to the water.  Works great and you can still see the fish and everything else.  The only down side is that the Gold Fish take on a little different color due to the dye (they are still gold but look different in the water).  More to come later.

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