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I will be adding to this section as I go along.  I want turn this into something personal as well as something for all the world to see.  The first page is from an email I received that I felt says it all.  I am so happy to live in such a free country that I know many may not understand.  America is not just a place for those who grew up here but America is great because of those who didn't.  There are only a few true Americans and they were here long before the Vikings or Christopher Columbus so called discovered it.  The true greatness of this country exists because of all those who followed, and those who continue to follow and make this the most diverse place in the world!  We are not perfect, we are not white, black, yellow, or brown.  We are not Christian, Moslem, Jewish, or Mormon.  We are all imperfect human beings trying to co-exist in an imperfect country, and our strength comes from that imperfection and a deep rooted desire to get along and make this the greatest place to be in the world.  I spent some time abroad, but one thing always rang true...I wanted to go back home!  God Bless America!

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