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It's that time again.  Spring has sprung and the pond needed the spring cleaning that comes after after every winter.  I have almost completed that task, most of the leaves have been removed and the filters cleaned three times now to try and get the floating debris that is too small for the net out the pond.  It never ceases to amaze me how well algae does even in winter!

Still kind of brown but the green will come soon Same shot but a little closer The lower pond.  Fish did fine all winter again.  The Koi are about 16" long now
 Your ALT-Text here  Your ALT-Text here  Your ALT-Text here
The upper pond.  The 2 Koi we put in here last fall were about 3" and are now 6" plus.  The gold fish are doing well as always.   The water fall (still cleaning algae out of it).
 Your ALT-Text here    Your ALT-Text here
 I found one of these in the store for almost $100.  Being the cheap skate I am, I built one for about $18.  I get tired of lifting the 3 "in-pond filters" out to clean them.  I'll put the detailed plans here shortly when I build the 2nd one.  I will be building an enclosure (maybe one with a water wheel) and adding a small stream run back into the pond to hide the whole thing but at least no more bending over trying to lift out the dirty filters (which at times weigh quite a bit when full of water and gunk).  Just lift the lid and clean em' out.  Your ALT-Text here

We are also giving the Barley Straw a try this year for algae control.  More to come as the results of that experiment come along through the summer.

May 27th, 2001  Your ALT-Text here Updated spring photos  Your ALT-Text here
 Your ALT-Text here The Lilies are popping  Your ALT-Text here The water Hyacinth are in bloom
The fish love the lilies for hiding  Your ALT-Text here Looking pretty natural already!  Your ALT-Text here
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