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Summer Once Again! 2001

After the improvements we made to the ponds general look this spring, we decided to let nature take its course for the summer.  Unfortunately, nature decided to make the pond so green we couldn't see anything in it.  At one point, I wasn't sure the fish were even still there. 

While Algae blooms are part of a naturally balanced ponds life, they can ruin some of your viewing pleasure.  Here are a few things you can do:

Natural Bacterial Agents: ($18 - 25 per bottle)

Algae Mineral Blocks: (I prefer these because they last about a month - about $2 per block)

External Filters with UV light treatment (work well but expensive $150 +)

PH - Always check your PH levels and keep them in normal boundaries.  This will also help maintain nice clear water.

Be patient!  Most blooms are normal and last only a few days to a couple of weeks and clear up on their own.  As you can see, the water has cleared nicely in just a matter of days. 

pondsum1.jpg (30017 bytes)     pondsum2.jpg (16028 bytes)     pondsum3.jpg


pondsum4.jpg (34245 bytes)     pondsum5.jpg (45288 bytes)     pondsum6.jpg (48351 bytes)


pondsummer1g.jpg (54517 bytes)     pondsummer1f.jpg (43481 bytes)     pondsummer1e.jpg (55281 bytes)  


pondsummer1d.jpg (31574 bytes)     pondsummer1b.jpg (33714 bytes)


pondsummer1a.JPG (37517 bytes)     pondsummer1h.jpg (36967 bytes)     pondsummer1c.jpg (21718 bytes)

We just increased our pump size from 1250 gph to 2000 gph.  The water fall appears much more natural now.  Definitely worth the extra $'s.  I found a pump that runs for about 300 watts so won't kill the electric bill either!

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