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Welcome to the PCARC Web site!

We are glad you're interested in Amateur Radio communications in our community. Hopefully the information contained on this page will enhance your local communications experience.

All the stations listed on this page are freely available for any licensed Amateur to use and enjoy.


Local Repeater Information:


A Linked Repeater Network in Pacific County & Surrounding Region

Ocean Park

145.170   -600khz   118.8Hz

North Cove

145.310   -600khz   118.8Hz

   North Cove (Naselle Receiver)

145.310   -600khz   114.8Hz

Cosmopolis   (Grays Harbor County)

145.390   -600khz   118.8Hz

Grays River   (Wahkiakum County)

147.020   +600khz   118.8Hz

Megler (Chinook)

147.180   +600khz   82.5Hz

South Bend

147.340   +600khz   82.5Hz

South Bend

224.820   -1.6Mhz   82.5Hz


440.675   +5Mhz     118.8Hz

KO Peak

441.675   +5Mhz     118.8Hz

South Bend

442.675   +5Mhz     118.8Hz

Minot Peak   (Grays Harbor County )

444.050   +5Mhz     118.8Hz

Ocean Shores   (Grays Harbor County )< /o:p>

444.200   +5Mhz     118.8Hz

North Cove       (Not Linked)

444.400   +5Mhz     118.8Hz

Nicolai Mtn.   (Clatsop County, Oregon )

444.500   +5Mhz     118.8Hz

Neilton       (Grays Harbor County)

444.700   +5Mhz     118.8Hz

Long Beach

444.800   +5Mhz     118.8Hz

Megler (IRLP Node 3105)       (Not Linked)

444.925   +5Mhz     82.5Hz

Olympia       (Thurston County)

444.950   +5Mhz     118.8Hz

Other Pacific County Repeaters

Megler (Sunset Empire ARC), W7BU

145.450   -600khz   118.8Hz

Ilwaco (Pacific County ARC), W7RDR/R

146.860   -600khz   118.8Hz

Raymond (Holy Cross), KA7DNK

147.240   +600khz      103.5Hz

KO Peak, N7XAC

224.040   -1.6Mhz     118.8Hz

Raymond (Holy Cross), KA7DNK

224.860   -1.6Mhz     103.5Hz

Megler, W7GC

440.825   +5Mhz     118.8Hz

Megler, W7BU

440.925   +5Mhz     100.0Hz

Raymond, K7IEU

442.150   +5Mhz     127.3Hz

Raymond (Holy Cross), KA7DNK

443.825   +5Mhz     103.5Hz

Megler (Chinook), NM7R  IRLP Node 3105

444.925   +5Mhz     82.5Hz

Other Area IRLP Nodes

Raymond, K7IEU  IRLP Node 3993

147.570  simplex    127.3Hz

Aberdeen, N7UJK  IRLP Node 3324

147.470  simplex    100.0Hz

Packet Radio Maps (very useful for orientation):

Click Here for a Packet Map of
the Local Area
Click Here for a Packet Map of
the Portland Area
Click Here for a Packet Map of
the Seattle Area

Packet Radio Information: Local Frequency is 145.630

Location Station Type Callsign or Alias
Within Pacific County
Pacific County EOC, South Bend, WA Keyboard WA7PC
Pacific County EOC, South Bend, WA Mailbox WA7PC-1
Pacific County AEOC, Long Beach, WA Keyboard W7RDR
Pacific County AEOC, Long Beach, WA Mailbox W7RDR-1
Holy Cross Mtn, South Bend, WA Node HOLYX
Holy Cross Mtn, South Bend, WA Mailbox HOLYMB
Nahcotta/Oysterville, WA Node OVILLE
Nahcotta/Oysterville, WA Digipeater NM7R-8
Nahcotta/Oysterville, WA Bridge to 145.010 via NM7R-10
Raymond, WA RMS* Node K7IEU-10
Outside Pacific County
Grays Harbor County EOC, Montesano, WA Keyboard W7EOC
Grays Harbor County EOC, Montesano, WA Mailbox W7EOC-1
Minot Peak, Elma, WA Node MINOT
Neilton Peak, near Lake Quinault Node NEILTN
Centralia, WA RMS* Node AC7YY-10
Capitol Peak, near Olympia, WA Digipeater via N7UJK-8
Capitol Peak, near Olympia, WA Bridge to 145.010 via N7UJK-10
Seattle, WA Wide Area Node 3SIS via N7UJK-10
Cathlamet, WA RMS* Node K7GA-10
Shelton, WA RMS* Node K7WG-10

*RMS allows packet messages to be delivered as Internet email, or email to be received by VHF packet using Winlink2000.

From virtually anywhere in Pacific County, connect to HOLYX. Next, connect to K7IEU-10. Use the HELP command for more detailed instructions. To send an email message, use the "SP SMTP:[email protected]" format, inserting the recipient's email address and follow the prompts. Your email will arrive with the return address of [your-call]@winlink.org, which can be replied to.

To check for incoming email, at the prompt enter "LM" (for List Mine), or "RM" (for Read Mine). Use "KM" (Kill Mine) to delete all your messages. Only plain text messages are accommodated, no attachments. Due to the slow speed, messages should be brief. To fight spam, Winlink2000 requires users on the Internet side to register. Anyone using the Radio side is automatically registered, and anyone you sent to, from the Radio side is also automatically registered.

For more information, please see the Winlink2000 website.


ARES Net information:

(Click here to download Thursday Night ARES Net Preamble)

All amateur operators are encouraged to check into any of our ARES nets. Additional information on ARES can be obtained from any of the EC's (Emergency Coordinators) listed below or from the National ARES Web site .

Washington District 3 ARES
Howard Auble W7HGA DEC
Sunday @ 7:15 PM (Local)

145.470- pl tone: 100 Hz
(Capital Peak Repeater)


Any BeachNet Linked Repeater

(see chart above)

Pacific County (WA)
Bob Cline N7CVW EC/RO
Thursday @ 7:30 PM (Local)

Any BeachNet Linked Repeater

(see chart above)

Grays Harbor County (WA)
Doyle Wenzel N7UJK EC/RO
 Sunday @ 7:00 PM (Local)

1st Sunday 146.580 simplex

other weeks

Any BeachNet Linked Repeater

(see chart above)

Lewis County (WA)
Bill Harwell AC7SR EC/RO
Thursday @ 7:45 PM (Local) 147.060+ pl tone: 110.9 Hz
(Baw Faw Repeater)
Clatsop County (OR)
Irvin Emmons K7QPP EC/RO
Monday @ 7:00 PM (Local)

145.450, 146.740,
(with 118.8 Hz PL)


Any BeachNet Linked Repeater

(see chart above)

Wahkiakum County (WA)
Gordon Spalding WA6TTR EC/RO
(No Weekly Net)

Any BeachNet Linked Repeater

(see chart above)

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