BeachNet Repeater System

BeachNet Repeater System

Pacific, Grays Harbor, Lewis, Mason, Thurston & Wahkiakum Counties, Washington

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Thurston County, WA
46.972961, -123.133736
2800 Feet
Call: N7UJK

444.950  +5MHz  118.8Hz

Olympia UHF Repeater

Olympia Packet Station

Note: as of 03/16/18, the
repeater has been restored
to service. The controller
was replaced, as was one of
the two packet radios, and
the repeater receiver.

Location: This station is housed in a Washington State Dept. of Natural Resources (DNR) radio facility building on Capitol Peak, in the Capitol State Forest, southwest of Olympia. To avoid confusion with the 145.470 repeater, which has been known for a long time as "the Capitol Peak Repeater", we refer to our machine as the "Olympia" repeater. You may also hear ours referred to as "CPU", for 'Capitol Peak UHF'. The associated packet station is sometimes called "CPP" for 'Capitol Peak Packet'.

Coverage: The Olympia repeater has very good coverage in eastern Grays Harbor County, being quite usable as far west as Aberdeen. The real strength of this repeater is bridging the gap into Puget Sound. Coverage extends well north of Tacoma, in fact the station has been worked from Seattle, as well as the Hood Canal area. The State ECC at Camp Murray, near Fort Lewis, has solid access for emergency communications. It serves those traveling between the coastal counties and Puget Sound, providing solid mobile communications nearly the whole way. For those traveling south on Interstate-5 from the Sound, this repeater has solid coverage to a point just north of Chehalis, where the 441.675, KO Peak repeater coverage overlaps. To the west of Olympia, on Hwy-101, the areas near Shelton on the north, and McCleary on the south are shadowed somewhat due to the mass of Capitol Peak itself, blocking signals to the site.

Affiliated with the
BeachNet system, this repeater is owned by N7UJK, the EC/RO for ARES/RACES in Grays Harbor County. It's primary purpose is to support Auxiliary Emergency Communications in and around Grays Harbor County, and the rest of District Three in times of need.

During an emergency, this repeater will probably be disconnected from the network, to allow communications within Grays Harbor County, ARES District Three, and to provide a link to the State Emergency Coordination Center at Camp Murray. This repeater is directly accessible from the Grays Harbor EOC in Montesano.

Hardware: The repeater itself consists of a GE Mastr-II 110-watt continuous duty base station (running 60-watts) with an Arcom RC-210 controller. The duplexer is a Phelps-Dodge bandpass-notch 6-cavity type feeding a Comet x510 high-gain dual band antenna (in a commercial radome shell) through 120 feet of LDF5-50 Andrew 7/8-inch hardline. A 40-watt VHF GE Mastr-II mobile and a 40-watt VHF GE Rangr mobile support a dual-frequency packet station. The two packet radios use a four-cavity combiner and a VHF/UHF diplexer to share the main station dual-band antenna with the UHF repeater. There is a UHF GE Rangr mobile, used as a link transceiver, feeding a 10.2 dBi, 6-element Cushcraft Yagi through 100-feet of LDF4-50, half-inch hardline, All four transmitters are fitted with dual-section isolators and bandpass filter cavities. The entire station, including the Astron 60-Amp power supply, six 2-meter cavities, packet controller and a master control panel with separate speakers and audio test taps for the receivers, fits in a single 6-foot rack cabinet.

History: 03/10/07 The initial site survey for our Capitol Peak UHF repeater was conducted.

04/07/07 The 6-foot rack cabinet containing the repeater delivered. Antennas, feedlines, installed. Station was commissioned and worked well.

01/20/08 Replaced antenna destroyed by major winter storm.

02/18/08 Got a ride with Bruce in his sno-cat to replace antenna.

01/20/09 Again replaced failed antenna. This time we used a more robust antenna type.

09/21/09 Added a standoff support to the top of the antenna to stabilize it.

For more detailed information regarding maintenance, please see our Maintenance Log.

Packet Radio: The "N7UJK-8 packet radio digipeater/node is located at this site. This is part of the 145.630 MHz 1200-Baud Washington District Three EOC Packet Network, allowing traffic to pass between the EOC stations within District Three (Grays Harbor, Mason, Lewis, Thurston and Pacific Counties) and to the Washington State EOC at Camp Murray. To connect with the node, use "GHDEM", and to digipeat through the station, use "CAPTL".

Web Cams: for a look at road conditions in the Olympia area, Click Here for the WSDOT traffic cams near Olympia.






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