BeachNet Repeater System

BeachNet Repeater System

Pacific, Grays Harbor, Lewis, Mason, Thurston & Wahkiakum Counties, Washington

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South Bend

Pacific County, WA
46.707558, -123.769484
1300 Feet
Call: NM7R

147.340  +600kHz  82.5Hz

South Bend VHF Repeater

Note the 82.5 Hz CTCSS (PL)
Tone on the 147.340 repeater

On 05/26/17 The repeater
receiver was repaired,
restoring normal sensitivity.

Location: The South Bend repeaters are on 1300-foot high Holy Cross Mountain between South Bend and Raymond, WA., with the several towers on the hill visible from nearly any place in either city. There is an unobstructed line-of-sight path from the Pacific County Courthouse, where the Emergency Operations Center (EOC) is located. The Courthouse and EOC are surrounded by high ground on the other 3 sides, with only poor VHF/UHF paths to the rest of the county. While Holy Cross Mountain blocks simplex signals to the north, it also provides an excellent repeater platform. Follow these links for information on the co-located 224.820 MHz and 442.675 MHz repeaters.

Coverage: The "Holy Cross" repeaters can be used from most of the Long Beach Peninsula, south from South Bend on Highway 101 beyond Bay Center, west on Highway 105 to Tokeland, Grayland and Westport, east throughout the Willapa Valley and on Highway 6, all the way to the eastern county line. The coverage follows Highway 101 north beyond the Pacific/Grays Harbor County line. The relatively low output power (about 10-watts) on the 147.340 machine is a condition of coordination, required to limit range in the direction of our co-channel neighbor in Puget Sound. Even at low power output, this repeater does quite well, within its intended coverage area.

The 147.340 "Holy Cross" repeater normally operates in parallel with the 442.675 MHz machine, coupled together as a single, dual-band, resource, and linked to
BeachNet. In fact, with careful radio adjustments, it is possible to operate full-duplex (talk and listen at the same time, like a telephone) between two Amateurs equipped with dual-band transceivers. If attempting this, we remind you that you must still drop your transmitter at least once every 3-minutes to avoid timing out the repeater, and to let another Ham join in if they want to. When desired, we can un-link them, providing separate repeaters for different jobs. The network link can be tied to either, or neither. This flexible functionality supports the Pacific County Emergency Management Agency, providing intra-county and extra-county back-up emergency communications.

Hardware: The 147.340 MHz repeater is a GE Mastr-II continuous duty base station. The repeater transmitter uses a PLL-type exciter and a 40-watt continuous duty amplifier set to run about 20-watts. The receiver has a built-in GE UHS tunable preamplifier and uses a GE programmable CTCSS decoder. The VHF cabinet holds (left picture below, top to bottom), the control receiver, controller, VHF repeater and power supply, with the Mastr-II mobile-style link radio on the side of the cabinet. The UHF cabinet (second picture from the left) holds the UHF repeater and duplexer. The VHF repeater transmitter uses (second picture from the right) a circulator, and band-pass cavity, while the receiver has a bandpass cavity, PAR notch filter, and DCI band-pass filter to suppress paging and FM broadcast signals from the adjacent building. The VHF repeater uses a Sinclair 4-cavity BpBr Duplexer. The two repeaters share the single power supply, controller and (picture below on right) Hustler G6-270 antenna at 80-feet up the 140-foot tower, fed with LMR-600. The Link-Comm controller manages both repeaters, the link transceiver, and a Mastr-II auxiliary control receiver.

Packet Radio: The "HOLYX" packet radio node is located on this site as well. This is part of the 145.630 MHz 1200-Baud Washington District Three EOC Packet Network. Also at the site is the "HOLYMB" public mailbox. There is no forwarding or other service with this mailbox, but it is available for any Pacific County Amateur to use, provided that they will check frequently for mail. This allows those who choose not to maintain a full-time packet presence to have a 24/7 mail drop available. The HOLYX packet station is owned by Pacific County Emergency Management Agency, and is considered part of the South Bend EOC RACES Amateur radio station.






145.170 |  145.310 |  145.390 |  147.020 |  147.180 |  147.340 |  224.040 |  224.820 |  440.675 |  441.675 |  442.675 |  444.050 |  444.200 |  444.300 |  444.400 |  444.500 |  444.700 |  444.800 |  444.925 |  444.950

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