BeachNet Repeater System

BeachNet Repeater System

Pacific, Grays Harbor, Lewis, Mason, Thurston & Wahkiakum Counties, Washington

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Grays Harbor County, WA
46.935144, -123.739014
550 Feet
Call: W7EOC

145.390  -600kHz  118.8Hz

Cosmopolis VHF Repeater

As of May 6, 2014, the Cosi
repeater has been upgraded
and returned to the air,
once again ready to serve
the Amateur community.

Location: Overlooking Cosmopolis, WA, from near the crest of Cosmopolis Hill, on Highway 101, about 2 miles north of the Hwy 107, "Montesano Cutoff", Juction.

Coverage: The "Cosi" Repeater covers the Aberdeen/Hoquiam area of Grays Harbor County from Ocean Shores on the west, to Elma on the east. In addition, the coverage follows Highway 101 several miles north of Hoquiam, and south to the Pacific County line.

Hardware: The repeater is based on a 100-watt continuous-duty, GE Mastr-II, duplex-converted station chassis, running 40-watts output. The controller is a CAT-200B in a Radio Shack metal box mounted on a standard rack shelf above it. The link to
BeachNet is provided by a GE Rangr UHF mobile, running 10-watts. Several fans circulate air across the repeater heatsink to keep things cool. A Hustler G6-270 antenna, shared between the repeater and link radio, is mounted above a microwave dish well up the tower, and fed with 130-feet of LDF5-50 7/8-inch hardline through a diplexer. The repeater signal passes through a VHF DCI filter to attenuate the high level of broadcast RF at this site.

Linking: Normally linked into the
BeachNet repeater system, this repeater can be taken off-line to operate stand-alone, or it can be linked to one of several other repeaters in the Grays Harbor area, for resiliency in a disaster.

History: When we first occupied this site, in the summer of 2004, the landlord required that the entire station be mounted to the back wall of the not-very-spacious building, and not stick out more than a foot. Doyle, N7UJK, installed and painted a sheet of chip-board as a foundation, and all components were secured to this. The Wacom 5-inch 4-cavity BpBr duplexer stuck out 11-inches, and the rest of the gear was well within our one-foot allowance. Since we installed the repeater, the tiny shack filled up with other equipment. We considered ourselves lucky to have this site, and living within the one-foot space requirement was a modest concession.

In April and May of 2014, the landlord (Grays Harbor PUD) required us to move out of the tiny shack into a new building at the other end of the compound. The tiny building was taken over by a broadcast station, and we were offered rack space in the brand new facility. This was a definite step up, and allowed replacing the original duplex-converted mobile with a more robust and capable station chassis, much better suited to repeater service. We were also able to shorten our feedline by a good 30-feet.

This shows the importance of cultivating a good relationship with the owners of the sites we Amateurs use for our repeaters. The landlord could just as easily have told us to pack up and leave, but the time and effort Doyle, N7UJK, has spent working with these fine folks, cultivating a relationship built on trust, showing respect for their property, policies and personnel, motivated them to include our operation in their plans for expansion. His years of devoted service to his county Emergency Management Agency have also paid dividends, opening doors to two other sites.

During an emergency, this repeater will probably be disconnected from the greater
BeachNet network, to provide intra-county communications support. The link system is capable of connecting the Cosi repeater to the Neilton, Minot, Ocean Shores or Olympia site, to enhance communications within Grays Harbor County. This repeater is easily accessible from the Grays Harbor EOC in Montesano.

Web Cam: for a look at the road conditions on Hwy 101, right outside the gate to the site access road, Click Here for the WSDOT traffic cam.






145.170 |  145.310 |  145.390 |  147.020 |  147.180 |  147.340 |  224.040 |  224.820 |  440.675 |  441.675 |  442.675 |  444.050 |  444.200 |  444.300 |  444.400 |  444.500 |  444.700 |  444.800 |  444.925 |  444.950

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