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2009 Field Day

PCARC embraced Field Day 2009 with even more than the usual gusto. Reinforced with many new Hams, eager to help, the club decided to upgrade each of their usual stations (SSB, CW and GOTA). We even began what will no doubt become a new tradition in having an "Information" station. We generally enjoyed success in spite of poor conditions.

The Information station caught the eye of the passing Public. Our County Comm Van was hard to miss.

Some of the displays and information available. Many of our club members wandered by to meet and greet.

Michael, N7BBQ, beams from the helm of the Information station. Bob, KF7APN, one of our newer hams and Dick, W7UDH, look on.

Sheriff Didion (red shirt) stopped by and was interested in Winlink2000 email, one of our Disaster Comm tools.

AD7AF prepares a 40-meter sloper, while NM7R (purple hat) finishes lashing up the 20-meter mono-band yagi. Bob, W7TOM, supervises.

Raising the GOTA Station antenna. This antenna mount was quite an attraction!

Fully erected the Yagi tops out at 90-feet high. This turned out to perhaps be too high, if there is such a thing, as we were skipping right over the Midwest.

Ah! The morning sun glinting off a 20-meter mono-band Yagi at 90-feet! What a beautiful sight.

I wonder what one of these goes for on Ebay? The GOTA Station was in a pavilion tent this year to be as open as possible.

Bob, KF7APN, and Taileen, KF7CWO working contacts on the GOTA Station. Mike, KE7DOV, has his Satellite rig tucked just inside.

Raising the SSB antenna support towers. The antenna is a two-element multi-band wire yagi.

The towers are tipped up and then secured. Standing K7WAT & W7TOM; kneeling KE7SEV & KE7WFO

The SSB Station looking southeast over the tent-trailer shack and through the wire antenna.

The action heats up on SSB with Taileen KF7CWO watching, Stephanie KD7CNQ Logging and Bob N7CVW behind the mic.

The CW Station philosophy is "more-is-better" where antennas are concerned. Left is a multi-band vertical, overhead an NVIS for 40/80 and center is a curtain for 40.

The CW shack is a trailer with a Spider Beam for 20-meters erected behind it.

The CW Station is assembled at the edge of the tidelands for best grounding. Four different antennas, built in a couple of hours.

Geoff, K7GA, blazing away on CW. Happiness is a K3 with 4 selections on the antenna switch!

2009 Garlic Festival

PCARC had a presence at the Garlic Festival, June 20 & 21, 2009, in Ocean Park, WA. Thanks to ED, K7WAT, who spearheaded the effort, we had a booth with informational displays and demonstrations. Michael, N7BBQ, set up a packet station on Saturday for live demos, and Mike, KE7DOV, brought his satellite gear for a few contacts. Meanwhile Ed, K7WAT, worked the crowd. Field Day, coming next weekend, was prominently advertised.

K7WAT (purple hat) working the crowd in front of the booth he org anized for the club.

Some of the displays and information available. The booth was centrally located, so most Festival-goers passed by it during their stay.

Ed, K7WAT, talking with a visitor as Mike, KE7DOV, gets ready to make a satellite contact.

Mike, KE7DOV, is just about ready to "talk to the stars" as Taileen, KF7CWO, watches intently.

2009 May EOC-to-EOC Exercise

On May 30, 2009, a regular quarterly ARES/RACES EOC-to-EOC Exercise was held, simulating emergency communications between our two Pacific County Emergency Operations Centers as well as back-up communications with the Washington State Emergency Command Center at Camp Murray, and other area EOCs. The Pacific County ARC actively supports ARES/RACES activities in our area, with recruitment, training and other resources. Activating the South Bend EOC, for this exercise were N7BBQ, KE7SEQ, KE7JMC, W7HGA, KF7API, and KF7CWO. During the drill, our Emergency Management Director KD7CNQ stopped by to observe and participate. Manning the Long Beach AEOC were AD7AF, N7CVW and W7RBB.

Left to right: KF7API, KD7CNQ, KE7SEQ, W7HGA, KF7CWO, KE7JMC.

Left to right: N7BBQ, KF7API, KE7SEQ, W7HGA, KF7CWO, KE7JMC.

Left to right: KE7JMC, KF7CWO, KE7SEQ, KF7API, W7HGA.

Thatcher, KE7JMC, mans the HF Pactor station.

Jon, KE7SEQ, mans the VHF/UHF voice station.

Jon and Thatcher are two of our more experienced operators.

Taileen, KF7CWO, is one of our newest Hams, learning the ropes of Emergency Operations, here in front of the packet station.

The station: (Left to right) Pactor, HF voice, VHF/UHF voice and packet.

Dick, AD7AF, manning the Long Beach AEOC Packet/Pactor digital station.

Rich, W7RBB, operating the HF/VHF/UHF voice station at Long Beach AEOC.

2008 Field Day

In June 2008, the club held Ham Radio Field Day in the usual spot, at the Port of Peninsula and beach at adjacent Moorhead Park, overlooking picturesque Willapa Bay in southern coastal Washington State. As usual, a good time was had by all. There was a CW station, an SSB station and a GOTA (Get on the Air) station.

Setting up the Spider Beam for the CW station.

The two main masts for the SSB station are up.

The SSB station set up in the parking lot of the Nahcotta Boat Harbor, with the Information Tent.

KD7CNQ at the mic with N7CVW and KE7SGU doing the logging.

The GOTA station was set up in the County Mobile Command Vehicle.

The GOTA station with a dipole for 75, 40 and 15-meters, and a 20-meter three element yagi pulled in lots of good contacts.

The usual suspects, left to right: W7FBM, AD7AF, KB7PL, NM7R, KS0O, W1YZ.

Carlton, KS0O sends an email via packet radio with help from Jay, W7FBM and Dick, AD7AF looking over his shoulder.

The CW shack with the spider beam.

The CW station overlooks Willapa Bay, AD7AF at work.

W7UDH, Dick, Adjusting the 40-meter curtain (something to do with tides and launch angle).

AD7AF, Dick, hunting and pouncing at the bottom of the band.

KD7CNQ, Stephanie at the mic and KE7SGU, Carolyn logging at the SSB station.

Stephanie and Carolyn help Bob, W7TOM, make a satellite contact.


2007 October PCARC Regular Meeting in Raymond, WA

The first Sunday of each month is the regular meeting of the PCARC. The first Sunday of each Quarter (Jan, Apr, Jul, Oct) that meeting is held in Raymond at the Corner Cafe. Other months, it is held in Ilwaco at the Harbor Lights. This was the October 2007 meeting.

Left to right: Michael, N7BBQ; Rick, WA7RW; Ken, K7TAG, (Western Washington ARRL SEC was a welcome guest); Frank, NM7R.

Jay, W7FBM; Thatcher, KE7JMC; 'EZ', KG7OM; and Dick, AD7AF, barely visible at the lower left.


2007 W7RDR/R Antenna Replacement

In March 2007, the Repeater Support Crew met at the repeater site to replace the antennas and feedline. The new receive antenna is a Hustler Spirit and the feedline is Andrew LDF5-50, 7/8-inch hardline, generously donated to the club by member Bob Frost, W7TOM. This receive antenna was installed 150-feet up the 200-foot tower. We also installed a new transmit/linking antenna at the 60-foot level, using more of Bob's hardline. The new antennas work great!

Jay W7FBM, Frank NM7R, and Bob W7TOM 'cuss'n and dis-cuss'n'.

Jay, W7FBM, removes the old link antenna.

Successful Amateur Radio design is a mix of careful preplanning and tailgate engineering.

Frank check-fits the support pieces while Dick, AD7AF and Bob, N7CVW help.

Going up...

Frank 'hanging out'. The tower flange at the guy wires is 140 feet up.

Frank comes back down, strapping the cable every 2-feet.

The new antenna in place and ready for service!


2006 Field Day

Once More, 2006 found us at Morehead Park and the Port of Peninsula at Nahcotta Washington for our Field Day activities. Field day chairman Bob Cline (N7CVW) again organized the usual fine event and a great time was had by all.

The new County Comm-Van was used for the GOTA Station.

The SSB station in Bob's portable ham shack with wire antennas on multiple poles.

The CW station under its awning.

Stephanie, KD7CNQ, at the mic of the SSB Station, with Clyde, W7YQB, doing the logging.


2006 Lighthouse Weekend

In 2006 the club operated Lighthouse Weekend from the North Head Lighthouse.

Bob, Dave and Richard operating Special Event Station N7H in the kerosene shed next to the lightnouse.

Wire antennas strung for the event. A lighthouse makes a nice tower!


2005 Field Day

Our 2005 field day activity was held in the usual place, Morehead Park and the Port of Peninsula at Nahcotta Washington on the shores of Willapa Bay. Field day chairman Bob Cline (N7 CVW) again organized a valiant effort. Again we demonstrated Packet and Amateur Television to the public.

Raising the Hamstick dipole for the SSB station.

The CW station.


2004 Field Day

Our 2004 field day was not as active as other years would be, but a good time was had by all.

Bob, N7CVW, operates the SSB station from the tent trailer.

Dick, AD7AF, operated the CW station. Life is good!


2003 Field Day

Our 2003 field day activity was held in Nahcotta Washington on the shores of Willapa Bay. Field day chairman Bob Cline (N7CVW) spearheaded our efforts. Besides normal HF operation we demonstrated Packet and Amateur Television to the public.

Sunrise finds the crew hard at work and a perfect opportunity to enjoy one of our sunrises over the bay.

Stephanie KD7NCQ and Clyde W7YQB enjoy great success in making many exciting contacts.

Chuck KC7WYU diligently works the HF bands wearing o ut several loggers!

Special thanks to the Nahcotta Port Authority for making their facilities available to our group!


2002 Annual Christmas Party

Our 2002 Annual Christmas party was held in Long Beach Washington with a special Guest appearance by Saint Nick and the manager of the Portland Ham Radio Outlet. Besides Amateur radio operators from the local area friends joined us from Cowlitz county and Clatsop county amateur radio Clubs. Good Food at Chucks restaurant, many door prizes and much conversation equaled a wonderful time for all.

Brandt KA6INC trying to work out a little issue about some coal in his stocking.

Leon N7IXX (on Right) from Ham Radio outlet (HRO).

PCARC Members.

Our friends from SEARC (Clatsop County Oregon).



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