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Take a look at my CORROSION TOPICS page. Lots of unfortunate mistakes and cures. Complete with closeups!!!

    w/both T/R AND receiver protection. What I want is effectively a 12V-powered small brick that can be inserted in a receiver's input that will provide:

    1: Power-off > receiver input grounded;

       2: RF detection > receiver input grounded;

       3: Remote input > receiver input grounded.

    with programmable I/O connections vs front panel switching; full RF switching via vacuum relays including RF protection for receiver line(s); all the I/O lines are switched by short connector-to-relay shielded coaxial cable runs; all relays fully shielded; full active-connection indicators; and all relay-connections fall-through to protected or bypassed position when off or failed.

    I am going to include the AF Controller here as it is developed, as an example of Project Design and Implementation. Be very careful to keep in mind that the circuits are not final until described as finished!

    w/ bandpass filters, BCI filtering, selectable gain low-noise 2N5109 or NEC/CEL NE68133 pre-amp, and full RF (self) protection.

  • A filter for the rejection of BCI.

  •  Front Panel


  • Trask Wideband PreAmp:


  • PreAmp Transformer Drawing:



     Antennas, Preselectors/etc.


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