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QRP refers to operating at low power levels of 5 Watts or less output. It is my operating mode of choice. Most QRO ('power') operators are amazed at its capabilities. There is a nasty T-shirt around that says: "Life's too short for QRP". They don't realize it, but that's the truth-just not in the mean-spirited way they mean! There is so much to do with QRP operating, so many areas to try-such as backpacking, DXCC, SSB low power operation, etc. etc. that, truly, one lifetime isn't enough!

Boat Anchors is a term for old, mostly tube-type equipment. I greatly enjoy the treasures (to me anyway!) I have found over the years. It started with my wanting an SP-600... I remembered one from my Novice-hood (as opposed to my childhood- which my wife says is an ongoing challenge for her every day!) owned by the Montgomery, AL Radio Club... and one day saw an ad for a VERY nice one at a more-than-reasonable price... and the rest is history-in more ways than one. It's a great facet of the hobby. I will try and get as many of my pieces on here as possible. I really love my old gear!!!

Keys, Bugs, & Paddles   all refer to the keying instruments I use for my favorite mode of operation: CW or as it is called by most people: Morse Code . I have a pretty good collection for a non-collector! I can't truly call myself a key collector: those guys are really see-ree-us -as we like to say here in the South! But there are several nice keys here, and some links you can use.

RTTY refers to Radio-Teletype. It is another mode of operation, and comes in many forms. I have several old, mechanical 'Teletype' machines that sound loud, and clunky, and just plain out noisy... but are music to my ears! You can almost hear Walter Winchell in the background with his famous intro: "Hello America and ships at sea!" I also have relatively modern, all-electronic units that do the same thing-but aren't nearly as much fun. CRTs don't smell like hot 3-in-1 oil!!!

And no, I don't mean beverages! Homebrewing -as I mean it here-is about the building electronic 'things'. It may be a transceiver, a transmitter, a receiver, or perhaps a ham station RF or audio controller. The list of possibilities is endless! THIS is where you can have practically all the fun you can stand!!! It's empty right now, so don't bother-yet. I'll remove this last sentence when there's something to see.




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