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Profile of Chris Tran GM3WOJ - including a photo taken in 2001    

Updated March 2011

DXpedition advice - advice for those going on their first DXpedition. Updated September 2012

Lattice tower information - how to install, use and maintain a crank-up tilt-over tower. How to wire up a Versatower correctly. Tower photos.      Updated May 2021

 Conditioning of GU74b/4CX800a tubes
Photos page  -  various digital photos - of friends, antennas etc..

Updated December 2006

Improving your CW contesting skills/speed

Improving your SSB contesting skills

New - August 2017

NEW - July 2022

Amplifier protection

Some thoughts about protection of linear amplifiers...

 N6TR K3 AGC modification 
School reunion photos - photos from our July 2001 School reunion GD6IA CQ WW SSB 2002 - SOAB HP - 1st in Europe ! Receiver performance information - information from Geoff GM4ESD about the performance of modern HF receivers plus INRAD and Elecraft roofing filter plots from Gavin GM0GAV    Updated March 2011   Renovation of a vintage KW Viceroy MkII TX

  Renovation of two vintage KW Vanguard TXs

December 2016
Cris Henderson GM4FAM

tributes to and photos of my friend Cris who died in August 2012. R.I.P.

QSL information  - QSLing info. for GM3WOJ, ZL1CT, ZL1V, GA2MP, GS2MP, GO2MP, GM7V, GZ7V, ZK2V, GM2V     Updated March 2011 Construction of HF linear amplifiers - incl. photos of homebrew amplifiers                 Updated November 2006   Repairing a Kokusai MF-455-10CK 455kHz mechanical filter - as used in the KW2000 series transceivers. 

February 2016
   Log-search - ClubLog - online logs for GM3WOJ, GM2V, GS2MP, GM7V, ZL1CT, ZL1V etc.. All logs are also on ARRL 'Logbook of the World' 50MHz 8877 amplifier notes - design/construction of a 6m amp., including info. from the [email protected] reflector    Updated November 2006  
  Contesting - a series of 20 articles by me from the 'GM DX Group Digest' - lots of operating hints, but needs updated  (Text only)   Updated August 2006

Rotator information  - circuit diagrams (schematics) of some older antenna rotators    Updated July 2006

Tailtwister T2X repair - new Sept 2012

  6m DXing - history of 50MHz, hints and tips about DX working - as seen from Scotland    (Text only) Yagi antenna information -  how to install and maintain some of the common HF yagi antennas.   Updated May 2008  
  GB5CC 2003 - brief story and photos of Headquarters station GB5CC - March 2003 Vintage transceivers - renovating a Collins KWM-2A, Hallicrafters SR-150, Drake TR-4C, Swan 350-C, National NCX-3, Yaesu FT-200, etc..         Updated August 2009  
  GB5HQ 2003 - brief story and photos of GB5HQ 20m CW - July 2003  Samlex SEC 1223 modification  - changing the output connectors on a Samlex SEC 1223 13.8V 23A switched-mode power supply    Updated July 2011  
  Stewart Island Jan.2004 - the story and photos of my January 2004 DXpedition to OC-203 XP - Writelog LPT CW keying - fix for a particular XP Pro (SP1 only) - Writelog 10.47E - LPT1 CW keying problem    
  CW Skimmer - my thoughts about CW Skimmer software after one year Vintage circuits - circuit diagrams of various vintage pieces of military radio equipment.  
  BERU 2009 -ZL4CT     contest write-up    

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