66th Commonwealth Contest (BERU) - 8/9th March 2003
R.S.G.B. Headquarters station - GB5CC

GM7V Contest station, near Invergordon, Ross and Cromarty      Operators Chris Tran GM3WOJ, Gavin Taylor GM0GAV

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GB5CC1.jpg (130531 bytes)

Former BERU winner Gavin Taylor GM0GAV operating GB5CC on 20m. (FT-1000MP + H/B amp)

GB5CC2.jpg (133410 bytes)

A distant view of most of the GB5CC antennas (looking S.E.) - left-to-right : 15m 5ele @ 60', 40m vertical (in front of 15m), 20m 5ele @ 80',10m 4ele @ 45'

GB5CC5.jpg (129816 bytes)

10m and 6m antennas, 20m 5ele yagi, and 80m vertical

GB5CC4.jpg (131939 bytes)

80m vertical with 2 elevated radials, and 2 x 10' top-loading wires. Low 80m dipole crossing in front.

GB5CC3.jpg (137311 bytes)

Close-up of computer-optimised (YO 6.55) 15m yagi (5ele on 34' boom)