3rd April 2009CW Skimmer software - one man's opinion

My opinion about CW Skimmer software - revised after one year.

I am fed up with Pete Smith N4ZR 'advertising' CW Skimmer on the cq-contest reflector - despite pretending that it is to do with Skimmer networks, etc, it is plain old advertising of a commercial product which costs $$ - this repeated advertising would not be tolerated if it was another commercial product like Elecraft, Ten-tec etc..

No-where have I seen Alex VE3NEA 'fronting up' as to why he created CW Skimmer - he leaves that to others and remains remarkably silent in the face of the concerns of CW contesters.

As you will gather, I don't like the principal behind CW Skimmer and I hope it does not impact significantly on our enjoyment of CW contesting.

73   -    Chris   GM3WOJ  GM7V  ZL1CT  ZL4CT  ZL1V