Stranraer High School - Class of 1968/69 - Reunion page

28th July 2001

Hello everyone - it was great to see you all yesterday.   All the digital photos I took are now posted on this page.     I hope to move this page to a new URL in the near future, with BTinternet probably.

Some of the pictures are not great - the lighting is bad - sorry if you don't recognise yourself !   The red eyes and orange noses are not there in real life (well, mostly not!)   Some of the pictures are not well focussed.

Click on a picture to see an enlarged version - these are non-optimised .JPG files which may take a short time to download.   If anyone wants the whole set, I'll e-mail them to you, or you can just right-click on any picture and download it.     I'll need help to get everyone's name right.    Maybe Roger could scan some of the photos from the last reunion and we'll add them here - before and after !

As before, a big THANK-YOU to Kate, Margaret, Betty and Irene for organising this successful event.    Surely we can't be the only year-group in the last 32 years of Stranraer High School/Academy that has reunions ?

Please e-mail me at     zl1ct <>

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