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50 MHz - Old

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50 MHz

Early History of 6m in Ireland (1957 to 1980)...By John, EI7GL
EI2W on 6 metres.

First EI 6m DXCC...By John, EI7GL
A brief overview of the first VHF DXCC in EI

Band 1 cable TV signals in Ireland...By John, EI7GL

TV cable sytems on Band 1in Ireland where operating on 50 MHz might be a problem

A look at 50 MHz (1988 to 1991)...By Charles, EI5FK
An insight into what conditions were like during the peak of that solar cycle

Abracadabra - Have You Tried Your Hand At Six Metres?...by John, EI7IQ
John's article gives an insight into what EI stations new to the 50 Mhz band might expect

50 MHz - F2 and TEP Propogation...By Steve,  EI5DD

144 MHz

Why Are You Not On The Moon?...By Tom, EI4DQ
Intro to Moonbounce operation on 144 MHz

Worked All Continents on 144 MHz...By Tom, EI4DQ

Maidenhead Locator Squares...by John, EI7GL
A description of what locator squares are


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144 MHz links

Simple 7 Element 144 Mhz Yagi for portable use by Ed, EI9GQ

Ed, EI9GQ has a nice design on his web site for a very simple 7 element yagi for 144 MHz. It has a wooden boom, the lenght is 2.4 mtrs and the gain is 9.5dbd

Radio Awards
(Information on the various EI awards)

Worked EI Counties Award (WEIC)
WEIC award rules as well as a  list of  WEIC award holders

Worked All Ireland Award (WAI)
WAI award rules as well as a  list of  WAI award holders

Worked All Mayo Award
Worked All Mayo Award rules

Cork DX Award - Old
Cork DX Award  rules

- - DXCC - -

EI stations active in the DXCC Award Programme (Jan 1996 to Oct 2004)

EI stations on the DXCC Honor Roll (1996 to 2004)

- - IOTA - -

EI stations active in the IOTA award programme (1992-2003)

EI / EJ_ IOTA References

Other Radio Awards

Info on the DIG awards group.

Some VHF awards

EI info 

Links to all of the EI websites (65) - Old

CQWW Contest records for EI stations - Old

IOTA Contest records for EI stations - Old

Amateur Radio in Ireland


Beginners Guide to CW

The Advantages of CW

WX5DX CW challenge
Links to Other CW Websites


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