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EI VHF Awards
  While there are no specific EI VHF awards, most of the EI Awards can be endorsed for VHF operation.
1. The Worked EI Counties Award - The basic qualification for this award is to get 20 of the 26 EI counties confirmed. This is a difficult award to obtain on the VHF bands, even for EI stations.
2. The Worked All Ireland Award - The basic qualification for this is working 175 WAI squares (150 for non EI/GI stns). Again, a difficult award to get on VHF.
3. The Worked All Mayo Award - Basic qualification is 10 WAI squares in County Mayo. Very difficult on VHF.
4. Cork DX Award - One of the easier EI awards to get is the Cork DX Award.
DX Stations outside Europe need 2 contacts, European Stations need 3 contacts and EI/GI Stations need 4 contacts.
You may have already qualified for this award if you have worked some of the following Cork VHF stations : EI2FSB, EI2HY, EI2IB, EI3EBB, EI3JE, EI4DQ, EI5CRC/P, EI5FK, EI5GM, EI5IO, EI7BA, EI7CGB, EI7GL, EI8HT , EI9CDB, EI9IO.


VHF & Locator Square Awards

VUCC Award Programme
VHF / UHF Century Club Award
from the ARRL.

RSGB VHF Awards Programme
The RSGB have a large number of
awards available for working
locators on the various bands.
   OZ Locator Award

   TTLOC Locator Award
Spanish Locator Award from
SWL NL-7909's Website.
   9A Locator Award

Italian VHF Award based on JN63 square
(PDF Document) 
   LX VHF Award

   Estonia Award
This award can be endorsed
for VHF only.
  PA VZRA Awards
These are on SWL NL-7909's Website.
Awards include a Locator award, VHF 50 and
Worked Prefixes on VHF Award.
Locator and VHF awards from Austria.
The website is in German. To translate,
click HERE and copy and paste the address above.
  OH VHF Awards

SM VHF Awards
  YU VHF Awards


50 MHz Award Links

   Worked All Europe Award
...from the UK Six Metre Group.
  Iceland on 6 Metres Award
   Worked North America Award
...from the UK Six Metre Group.
  SP 50 MHz Award

Worked All Britain Awards

  Several of the Worked All Britain Awards can be endorsed for VHF only operation. As well as the various WAB awards based on working WAB areas (10km x 10km squares), there are other awards such as the WAB DX Award which is based on working WAB Bookholders.

The basic award is for working WAB bookholders in 10 DXCC countries. As long as you have worked them after they recieved their first WAB Book, then you can count them. No QSL's are required. A full list of WAB Bookholders is available as a zipped file on the WAB website.

If you have worked EI7GL on one of the VHF bands after the 22nd of May 2001, then you can count my WAB Booknumber (15718) towards the award. Full details of my WAB Booknumbers can be seen HERE

If you are very active on the VHF bands, then you may have already qualified for the award.
All of the following well known 6 Metre operators are WAB Bookholders : OZ6EI, G3XTT, CT1LN, SM7CMV, GW3YDX, G3IOR, DL1EK, I2MQP, 9A7W, GU6AJE, G4SEU, G0FIG, G4DEZ, G0JHC, GW6VZW, G6HKM, G4PCI, GW6TEO, G4ASR and ZS6WB as well as hundreds of other G/GM/GW stations.

If you want more information on
the Worked ALL Britain DX Award , click on the WAB logo

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