The Cork DX Award

The Award is available to Licenced Radio Amateurs and Shortwave Listeners. Contacts must be made with members of Cork Radio Club or EI stations in County Cork as follows:

DX Stations outside Europe need 2 contacts

European Stations need 3 contacts

EI/GI Stations need 4 contacts

Any band, any mode, may be used. QSL cards are not required.

The award is available for VHF contacts via the Cork Repeater from outside a 250 mile radius and will be endorsed "via the Cork Repeater".

Send only certified copy of log showing callsign, name, date, time, band and mode used.

The fee for the Award is 6 IRCs or 4 US dollars, first class air mail. Unused (mint) postage stamps to the value of 2 pounds sterling or 4 US dollars catalogue price will be accepted from countries where IRCs are not available. For EI stations, the fee is 3 Euro (postal order) and for G stations, it is two pounds sterling (bank draft or money order). One pound coins are not acceptable.
Every effort will be made to meet claims where insufficient funds are enclosed and a fund has been set up for this purpose.
The Award is sponsored by the Cork Radio Club DX Group.

Mail applications and fees to ....

The award may be endorsed for 2 x CW, all CW etc.

Update Jan 2017.......This award is no longer available

Have you worked enough Cork Stations for this award?

Check your log and see if you have worked any of the following Cork stations during a HF contest : EI2HY, EI2IB, EI3DP, EI4BZ, EI4IS, EI5CRC, EI5GM, EI6AK, EI6BT, EI6FM, EI6HB, EI7BA, EI7GL, EI7M, EI8GS, EI8HT, EI8IR.

What about the VHF bands?

Want to get the award endorsed for VHF , 144 MHz or 50 MHz?
The following VHF stations are in Cork : EI2FSB, EI2IB, EI3EBB, EI3JE, EI4DQ, EI5CRC/P, EI5FK, EI5GM, EI7BA, EI7CGB, EI7GL, EI8JK, EI8HT , EI9CDB, EI9IO.

With around 250 radio amateurs in the County of Cork and so many active on the HF and VHF bands, this is probably the easiest EI award to obtain.

If you are not sure what county the EI stations that you have worked are in, then check the link to an online EI callbook on the index page.

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