The Worked All Mayo Award

The Worked All Mayo award is based on the Worked All Ireland Award and Mayo squares worked count for both awards.
There are 93 Squares (1 Square = 10km X 10km) in County Mayo and the awards are as follows :

Basic 10 Squares

Bronze 25 Squares

Silver 50 Squares

Gold 75 Squares

Platinum All 93 Squares

Squares can be claimed as follows: -

For working any station fixed or mobile in the square.
For activating the square.
SWLs may claim the square by hearing a station in a QSO (not just calling - a QSO must be in place), operating from the square. Both stations in the QSO need not be heard.

Certificates are issued for each award and cost 6 Euro and 50 Cents each except the Platinum which is free, and are available from the Awards Manager, John Corless, EI7IQ, Coolaght, Claremorris, Co. Mayo, Ireland.

Entry forms are available, but are not necessary. Applicants need only make a list of Square No., Date, Station Worked and Band.

This is a very difficult award for stations outside Europe to achieve. The are only about 40 radio amateurs in County Mayo. For stations in Ireland and the UK, it is still a difficult award but it is possible. Check the Worked All Ireland net frequencies of 3.680 MHz, 7.068 MHz, 21.317 MHz and 145.350 MHz (FM), especially during Sundays.

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