Antrim The Worked All Ireland Award
Carlow Introduction : The Worked All Ireland Award scheme is very similar to the Worked All Britain scheme and is based on working / hearing WAI squares. Each square measures 10km X 10 km and there are about 1500 squares in the 32 counties of Ireland.
It is advisable that anyone considering the WAI awards should buy a WAI book first (See details below).
Clare Basic Rules for the Award :
1. QSO's since the 1st of May 1995 may count towards this award.
2. Any band or mode may be used.
3. Contacts made via repeaters are not valid.
4. QSL's are not required.
5. A full set of rules can be found in the official WAI book. (See below)
Derry   Donegal
Award  EI/GI  Overseas  Counties  Islands
Basic  175  150  15 (3 in GI)  1
Bronze  250  200  22 (5 in GI)  3
Silver  420  350  32  6
Gold  600  500  32  9
Thousand  1000  1000  32  15
Ultimate  1400  1400  32  25
Fermanagh   Galway
Kerry Other Worked All Ireland Awards
Kilkenny Islands Award
The Islands award is for activating or working 12 islands for EI/GI stations and 7 islands for overseas stations. There are additional stickers for every 10 islands up to a maximum of 52 for EI/GI stations and 47 for overseas stations.
(An island must be offshore and not connected to the mainland by a bridge or causeway)
Leitrim Bookholders Award
For working 100 bookholders - stickers for each subsequent 100 bookholders to a maximum of 500.
Longford Activity Award
This is for mobile stations who activate 100 squares and stickers are available for each subsequent 100 squares.
Mayo Decade Award
This new award was introduced in 2001. The award is given for working the 100 two digit numbers associated the the WAI area. eg. 00 to 99. The numbers can be claimed irrespective of the large square letters. All contacts must be made within the one year eg. 1st January to 31st of December for that particular year.
The Decade Award may be claimed for each calendar year from 2001 onwards. Ownership of a WAI book is not required. All claims must be submitted on a typed or computerised printout with the squares worked in numerical order eg. D00, followed by the county, callsign and date worked.
Monaghan Counties Award
The Worked All Ireland Counties Award was introduced and was effective from the 1st of January 2001. The award is given for working all 32 counties of Ireland. Ownership of a WAI book is not required. QSL cards are not required. A log must be submitted of counties worked in alphabetical order showing County, WAI area, Callsign and date worked.
Roscommon _____________ Tyrone
Sligo Award Costs
The cost for each certificate is 6 Euro and 50 Cents. ($10)
For stickers, the cost is 4 Euro. ($6)
Waterford Claiming Worked All Ireland Awards
The WAI awards manager is
Tom Rea , EI2GP
Bridge St., Headford,
Co. Galway, Ireland.
Wexford Worked All Ireland Award Books
To purchase a WAI book, send 8 Euro ($10) to EI6HW.
For UK stations, send a �5 sterling note.

Noel Mulvihill (EI6HW),
Hillquarter, Coosan,
Athlone, Co. Westmeath, Ireland.

Additional Information
WAI Net Frequencies
3.680 MHz, 7.068 MHz, 21.317 MHz
and 145.350 MHz (FM)
WAI Award Holders
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