EI/EJ IOTA Alltime Contest Records

Category Callsign QSO's Multipliers Points Island Year Contest
Multi-Operator EI7M 2,632 417 6,194,952 EU115 2002 11th
Single-Op, 24 Hour-Mixed EI5DI 1,052 190 1,243,718 EU115 1999 2nd
Single-Op, 24 Hour-CW EI4BZ 660 115 477,480 EU115 2001 16th
Single-Op, 24 Hour-SSB EI8IR 1,842 223 2,222,418 EU115 2001 4th
Single-Op, 12 Hour-Mixed EI5DI 567 84 260,820 EU115 2001 8th
Single-Op, 12 Hour-CW EI4DW 382 76 181,944 EU115 2002 29th
Single-Op, 12 Hour-SSB EI7GL 424 151 612,456 EU115 2001 8th

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Credits : The information for the above tables was researched by Dave Moore, EI4BZ
and was originally published in the April 2001 IRTS Newsletter.

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