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        Multiband Cubical Quad                                                                                    Remote Antenna Switching

      An Hexagonal Beam in 3 hours                                                                       Automatic Band Decoders

80/40m Vertical (+160M at a push..!!)                                                               Troubleshooting Traps

          Cushcraft R5/R7 Maintenance and Repair                                                      The Woodpecker Tuning Aid 

     Crank-up Tilt-over Tower                                                                                  A Ball hitch Mobile mount

                      Antennae for the Low Bands  80 and 160m                                                   Have yourself a restful Irish holiday

Mirror at IOL.ie

Locator / Grid Square : IO51VT  Worked All Ireland Square : W86 Cork


Are you in my Log?

I upload to LOTW almost every day. I QSL promptly to all cards received direct. I also upload to eQSL. I do not QSL via bureau.



Email address   bravo at iol dot ie


Present Shack


Multi-Band Quad


Old Shack (circa 2000)


Old Shack  (circa 1995)





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