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IRTS - The Irish Radio Transmitter Society

Radio Society of Great Britain - UK Amateur Radio

ARRL Home Page

SD byEI5DI Paul O'Kane's famous Contest Logging Software. SD sets the standard for fast, simple logging and editing in the main international contests and in dozens of others worldwide. It is intended for single-op unassisted entries

  LOGic 9  Is THE BEST Logging software available.. ( I've tried 'em all..)

EI8IC's Irish Ham Radio Contest Resource Site and Equipment-For-Sale Forum.

EI7GL.. John is a 6m and 4m afficionado.. excellent site loaded with info

EI5FK.. Charlie .. VHF/UHF guru. See his homebrew tower project

EI9GQ's Superb Homebrew Page. This guy has been published by Elektor Magazine and RadCom.

G3YNH.. Dave has excellent pages on various topics. His "Z Docs" are a serious educational resource

DF4SA.. Con's  multiband Spiderbeam. Homebrew it yourself, or buy the kit.. Amazing value for money.

Idiom Press...Do yourself a favour..get a REAL keyer 


AND a decent paddle from Kent Engineers

   Or a really sexy one from Piero & Bruna Begali


CircuitSpecialists   for a great selection of test gear..at the right price.

"Electronic test equipment used for observing wave shape, with clear, easy to read LCD screens.

 Available from Circuit Specialists, Inc. with unique features and functions compared to your average digital storage oscilloscope."


PolarPlot by G4HFQ - Ham radio antenna polar diagram measurement program, and Rig Control software

G3VFP...Dave has all the Digital modes..S/W & Interfaces etc

W4RNL Antennae..All you ever wanted to know..and then some..Theory, Models, AND practise.

W8JI.. Tom's site is Nirvana for you "Low Banders", but you'll have to get used to the sound of exploding myths

Greg Ordy W8WWV ... Very useful projects and Software

For crystal filters, roofing filters, and other rig upgrades

Gem Quad


Mobile Mounts by N7EMW. Dick can put a mount on a bike, a pram, or a Jumbo Jet..

EZNEC Antenna Software by W7EL

K6XX ...Goodies..!

ON4AOI ...More Goodies...!!

Tuning aids etc

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