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Find out more about all upcoming and previous projects made by Dirk, DL5DCL from 1999 until today:

DL4ØRCE 2016

From January 01 2016 until end the year the DARC Radio Club Erwitte DOK O37 celebrated his 40th Anniversary together with numerous friends of the worldwide ham community. DL4├śRCE distributed the Special DOK 40O37 into the air.

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DL5DCL/p WCA DL-01999 2014-2016

What began as an one-time event, developed into a permanent project. The Water Castle Landsberg, located in Erwitte, North Rhine Westphalia, were activated from June 19 until end of August 2014, on July 26, 2015 and May 01, 2016.

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DQ1175E 2011

The event '1175th Anniversary of Erwitte' was a fantastic opportunity to bring a special callsign into the air. 12869 worldwide contacts, 6429 unique callsigns, 98 DXCCs, 31 CQ and 34 ITU Zones were finally reached.

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PA/DL5DCL 2010

The second journey to the West Frisian Island Ameland IOTA EU-038 took place from April 4 to 9, 2010. PA/DL5DCL closed after nearly 6 days of holiday style activity with a result of 747 contacts, 664 on 40m, 83 on 20m.

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PA/DL5DCL 2009

A first initial activation from EU-038 took place between April 14 to 16, 2009 during a short trip to Ameland Island in the north sea. PA/DL5DCL closed after only three days with a small result of 152 QSOs, all taken on 20m CW.

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EA6/DL5DCL 2007

The 3rd activity from the Balearic Island Mallorca IOTA EU-004 took place from June 27 to July 04, 2007. EA6/DL5DCL closed after 7 days with partial bad conditions during sunspot minimum and antenna problems with only 587 QSOs ...

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EA6/DL5DCL 2000

A new journey to Mallorca Island took place from July 21 to 31, 2000 and continued the success of the first experience in 1999. EA6/DL5DCL closed after 10 days with 1166 worldwide contacts during a high number of sunspots.

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EA6/DL5DCL 1999

A first activation from EU-004 were realized during a stay on Mallorca Island between July 10 and 24, 1999. 1059 QSOs were the results after 14 days of holiday style activity with fantastic band openings to the United States and Japan simultaneously.

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