1175th Anniversary of Erwitte

The event '1175th Anniversary of Erwitte' was a fantastic opportunity to bring a special callsign into the air. Simultaneously to the celebrations in Erwitte over the year, DQ1175E spread the message of the anniversary together with the popular Special DOK 1175E in the world. This experience was a great success. 12869 worldwide contacts, 6429 unique callsigns, 98 DXCCs (low but ok :-), 31 CQ and 34 ITU Zones were finally reached.
DQ1175E stopped the activities on Saturday Dec 31 2011 15:27 UTC after one year of continuous activity on seven different shortwave bands.

This special activity was a one-man project and I would like to thank all stations who have contributed through their calls and the associated interest to the success of this event. You are all now a part of the DQ1175E history;)

A great thank you to Rus RK9AD, Andrew DL/KL1A, Heinz DL5MK, Kim DG9VH, Laurie VK7ZE and Miran S57EA for the fantastic audio recordings during my activity, the German Ministry of Telecommunication for granting the permission to operate with the special callsign, Dietmar DL1ZAX for realize the Special DOK 1175E, Freelance Multimedia publisher Tim Reismann for providing the QSL front and reverse images, Max, ON5UR for development and printing of two QSL card types in high end quality and finally to all sponsors who made the realization of this special cards possible!

Some words about QSL options, different QSL card types and how you get your card:

Please note that I answer only all incoming requests because of possible logging mistakes, missing details about QSL manager or maybe non-bureau members! Your QSL is not absolutely necessary, if you prefer the option OQRS.

You can choose between a REGULAR STANDARD, SINGLE QSL TYPE and a SPECIAL, LIMITED EDITION QSL CARD, a double, folded, full color card with some extras in an amount of only a few hundred pieces! This card will be a rarity and is strictly limited!

All incoming bureau cards, OQRS requests with via bureau option and direct requests with 2 USD will be answered with a normal, standard card type.

All incoming direct cards with 3 USD will be rewarded with a special, limited double card. I can confirm up to 3 contacts per label/card. Every additional double card is for free.
The special, limited double card is also available via OQRS for a charge of 4 USD (?) I can confirm up to 3 contacts per label/card. Every additional double card is for free.

Read the QSL policy and routes page for more information to know how you get a direct QSL card, or use the Online QSL request service after your search in the log to get your cards instantly.

The following sponsors have kindly agreed to support this project:

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If you prefer to order your QSL cards online, choose the option 'via direct' to get a very special and strictly limited edition double card!