Water Castle Landsberg, WCA DL-01999, 2014-2016

What began as an one-time event, has now developed into a permanent project. The Water Castle Landsberg WCA DL-01999 WSB-054, located in Erwitte, North Rhine Westphalia, were first time activated through a series of short activities from the castle area, started on June 19 until end of August 2014 with a result of 610 QSOs. Another activation took place on July 26, 2015 with a result of 66 contacts. The very last activity from WCA DL-01999 with a result of 70 QSOs took place on May 01, 2016. Finally the log includes 746 QSOs.

All previous logs were uploaded to Club Log, into the COTA log database and the international WCA log database.

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