40TH Anniversary of DOK O37

How it all began

The Radio Club Ruethen, DOK O37, was founded in September 1976. From beginning a great emphasis was placed on the promotion of telegraphy. Fried Bach, DJ6QM, well known in the ham community and co-founder of the club, knew how to inspire newcomers and even experienced OP again and again for exercise of CW. The regular member meetings were visited by telegraphists from near and far and often were more guests present as members. Most of them were also members of the AGCW DL, some of the HSC or both. At same time with club founding, the FMC (Friends of S.F.B Morse Club) was born. DJ6QM lead it alone until his death in November 1995. The Radio Club Ruethen had from the beginning an elitist reputation, here met almost exclusive telegraphists. Other modes were hardly accepted. Radio Club and FMC were in the years under Fried Bach an inseparable unit. 1983 were founded two unofficial associations, the SSC (Slow Speed Club) and the VSSC (Very Slow Speed Club) as a counterpart to the known HSC and the VHSC, but with very small number of members. Not high speed was important, but rather to give a clean morse code and the love and joy to CW. Last but not least: DJ6QM was also a gifted draftsman, numerous drawings can be found in the art collection at the FMC website, designer of the known and legendary WANTED QSL cards (i think every DXer has one of them in his QSL collection), and inventor of the Morse catechism.
The years 1976-1995 were marked by the passionate activity of our "CW Grandpa" DJ6QM. In many events or contests, the club callsign DLØAF was heard. The clubcall DLØAF and the DOK O37 has become a worldwide fame on all HF bands. DLØAF was responsible almost 20 years to broadcast the messages of the AGCW DL.

1995 until today

After many years without membership growth, in 1995 eight new members of a neighboring association occurred in. The revitalized DOK O37 was renamed after 19 years to Radio Club Erwitte. Even today, the telegraphy lived. Some members are also in the FMC or/and HSC associations. Modern modes have long accepted. DLØAF is still active, mainly operated by Fritz, DK1OU.

Celebrating the 40TH Anniversary of DOK O37

In 2016, the DOK O37 celebrated his 40th Anniversary. An opportunity to activate a Special Callsign. From January 01 until end of the year DL4ØRCE (DL 4Ø years of Radio Club Erwitte) distributed the Special DOK 40O37 into the air. DL4ØRCE was most active in CW, finally with the fantastic result of 3193 QSOs, 2260 uniques, 150 DXCCs, 40 CQ and 50 ITU-Zones on 9 different bands. The members of DOK O37 want to thank all friends of Amateur Radio who have worked us over the year and have made our event "40th Anniversary of DOK O37" to a success.

How to get QSL

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DL4ØRCE Operator Timetable

DK1OU, Fritz
Jan 01, 2016
Mar 31, 2016
SW, 2m, 70cm
DJ9DQ, Gerhard
Jun 05, 2016
Jul 14, 2016
2m, 70cm, 40m, 80m
DL5DCL, Dirk
Jul 15, 2016
Nov 30, 2016
DK1OU, Fritz
Dec 01, 2016
Dec 31, 2016
SW, 2m, 70cm

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