Ameland Island 2010

The 2nd journey to the West Frisian Island Ameland IOTA EU-038 took place between April 4 to 9, 2010. During the whole radio experience i had - even the worse band conditions - to fight with very strong local QRN, except the early morning hours - partly with S9 - what makes the weaker signals sometimes very difficult to hear. The 15 and 10m band were primarily closed, therefore there was no operation. Very last station logged was HB9CHY and i decided to put the antennas down and to dismantle the station about one hour earlier than i planned. PA/DL5DCL closed on April 09, 07:17 UTC after nearly 6 days of holiday style activity with a result of only 747 contacts, 664 on 40m, 83 on 20m, 699 unique callsigns, 47 DXCCs, 9 CQ and 11 ITU Zones, all in CW.

Additionally available a short picture video with much more images and impressions of the last trip to Ameland Island, unfortunately in low SD video quality. Alternatively use this option to watch it in 720p HD.

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